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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Water Jogging Tutorial VIDEO- I do NOT like watching myself or listening to my own voice....ewwww

Sorry for anyone who read my last blah-zay  post, which I DELETED b/c I do not want to be that kind of person.
I am processing.
My coach, Joel, gave me a little pep talk and told me to try to view this as a vacation... HA! so we'll see if that works....

I sort of gave myself a swift kick in the You know What and thought about all the people who have REAL problems....like Cancer or sick children, or divorce, or losing their job while trying to support a family, or hunger, or violent relationships....

All the things that are IMPORTANT are in tact and I need to be THANKFUL.

It IS tough b/c Running for me is not just something I enjoy, but it is an anti-anxiety and anti-depressant. More on this in another post but suffice to say...it is GOOD for me to be able to run, but I know this too shall pass and I am strong ENOUGH to finish out this 8wks of healing.

SO ANYWAY, ON this little vacation, I got myself a water belt, a waterproof watch and I have tried out WATER JOGGING as I mentioned here and let me tell you it is HARDER than it looks!

My first day (in video below) I tried a 25min workout and it was TOUGH...my arms were shaking by the time I got out....

2 days later, I did an interval workout of 5min warm up, 5x 2:30min HARD, with 1:30 recoveries and 5min cool down. It was tough but a good workout indeed! I wish we had some more sun so I could do it more.

I will be back in there this afternoon!!

 So here I am in My FIRST You Tube video....it's quite EMBARASSING actually! I can hardly stand to watch it! lol..but am hoping it will help someone out. You think I could have done something to my face first but this video was made on the fly! we only did ONE TAKE! ha ha...I was too lazy to do it again and make it better so you are STUCK with the RAW, NERDY, ME!!! sigh...there is no going back..I might regret this later....why am I acting ESPECIALLY dorky  in this video? lol...

Here is the actual schedule for anyone interested:


  1. I LOVE your video!! You are so NOT nerdy! And YES that would be a great belt for first dates :)

    You are ADORABLE, Nicole. Your vacation will pass quickly and you'll be on to big PRs Before you know it!! Also, what a blessing that your friend could help video. Love that :)

    Great perspective you have. :))

  2. ahhhhh! I love love love this!!!! Woooo hoo! I didn't see it on my blog roll for some reason?? but I knew you posted so I found it anyway! So awesome. You were born to be on video girl!! A natural. So fun watching you and seriously ...I learned something!!! might have to share this video on my runninghood fb for my injured friends who need to know how to water jog! I'll get to see you in real life action tomorrow if the weather allows. But that cold pool??? hmmmm, not so cool! ha ha. my kids won't mind...they will be in heaven! xo

  3. Thank you so much for posting this! I always feel like I am so slow and not going anywhere when I try it, Maybe I am not putting enough effort in it. Gonna re try it today. Praying for your recovery too :) Have a great day!

  4. Great job I really appreciated it! I was always curious what water jogging consisted of.

  5. That was great! You have a bright future in vlogging for sure!

  6. Love the tutorial! Love your attitude and your determination to get through this injury.

    I have ab envy, seriously girl you have great abs!

  7. Oh man, you seem like such a sweet heart! I admire your attitude SO much! I have no idea how you are staying so positive. I woke up early this morning to go for a run after resting 2 weeks and by about step 3 - Pain!. I hope you heal soon and your little 'vaca' time passes quickly.

  8. Great video! you should do commercials for them!


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