About me

been gone all week!! update from Doc and I WON!!:)

Hello world...I have been at youth girls camp for church all week...so fun but I am so behind...in work...in blogs...aaahhh...
Anyway..some fun news and updates:

1. I won the Oregon Bride Magazine's Best of 2011 award for: Best Hair & Makeup
woohoo!! I feel really proud of this b/c I have built my business from the ground up with no business training or education at all...just talent and good 'ol customer service:)
Here's me with Chrystal and Bri who work for me:
a pic of the award listing in the magazine

Bri, Myself and Chrystal at the Party

2. saw doc today and I didn't get the okay to run like I thought I would:(:( but it's okay. He wants me to wait the whole 8wks so another 9 days it is.......

3. I am up 8lbs since my marathon 7wks ago. lol. and 3 of those pounds I gained since Monday LOL at CAMP! I have never eaten so much food (and not healthy food) in my life! I probably consumed about 5000-6000 calories  a day. yuck.

4. I will get caught up on blogs as soon as I can but am gone away again tomorrow..so probably sat night.
Hope everyone is well!!!

Anyone running Sauvie on Monday? I will be there cheering you all on even though I can't run! xx