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Long car rides, rain, puke and very nice blog post about me!

I spent the day in the pouring rain in the car, helping out a friend, which I don't mind doing AT ALL, happy to do it but it was pouring rain the WHOLE time...I hate the rain (yes I know I live in the NW).....and after 5hrs of being in the car I stopped at Safeway to grab some fruit and veggies.....
well...Erika starts vomiting ALL over the bakery aisle....(I was buying myself a DOUGHNUT. aaahhh...yes one last hurrah before training starts tomorrow!!)....

anyway..Erika is puking...no Safeway employees are offering to help (seriously?!!) but this nice hispanic women is helping me clean up erikas puke (bless her heart!) and I'm thinking....."really? what a day!!"....

I get home..feeling drained and TIRED...and I get this on my FB page.

Nicest post ever. made me CRY.

thanks Hailey.
You are amazing in your own right.

can I just say that it makes me feel SO good to be a motivation to someone else. I have always wanted to be a motivational speaker( I know I'm a dork) AND a personal trainer because I really believe in others, in the strenght of the human spirit and that they can do ANYTHING they put their mind to. We are capable fo SO MUCH MORE than we think. so thanks for making my day Hailey:)

T-minus 1 day

Well this post probably won’t be as good as the one I had typed up last night b/c I spent an hour on it and don’t have an hour this morning….but here we go….

This week has been my WEEK OFF!! Yes, I have not a run a single mile and have enjoyed EVERY SECOND OF IT!!...especially since we’ve had some freak show weather…..FREEZING COLD and snow and WAY TOO MUCH rain….blah!
I kept thinking “Thank God I am not running in this!” somehow I always manage to miss the worst weather on my break:):)…
Every cycle of training my coach makes us take AT LEAST a week off. At first I was skeptical. After my first 3mo block from Sept-December he made me take 10 days off. I was worried I would lost lots of progress but he assured me I wouldn’t. After coming back..within 2 weeks of just easy runs I was running faster than ever.


It’s true. It works. Give yourself a break after each training cycle so your body can absorb what you’ve done.
If you’ve raced a marathon Hard he makes us take 2weeks.

Anyway….This weekend was my last weekend before I start MARATHON TRAINING!! WOOHOOO….

And I made sure to end it on a bang;) and eats LOTS OF DELICIOUS FOOD!
Steve and I went away WITHOUT KIDS overnight for our anniversary. (pics below). I did write a whole bunch about it in my last post but am too lazy..so I will just put captions under the pictures to explain our wonderful date away.
I am so excited to start my training…only 2.5 months til the WINDERMERE MARATHON!!
Oh…speaking of which…last year the top 3 female finishers had times between 3:04 and 3:20..think I could make TOP 3?? Wouldn’t that be AWESOME???!!!

Okay...so after my wedding on Saturday morning, we headed out! first stop:

Grilled Cheese Grill.....

You eat on a bus...and have the most delicious Grilled Cheese sandwhiches...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Grilled Cheese sandwiches...one of my FAVORITE

foods by far.

I dont' even know what all was in Steve's but it was GOOD!

I had DILL PICKLES and onion...oh my word. HEAVEN.

We checked into the hotel and got ready for Dinner and a movie:)

Okay..so before the movie...we went shopping...we walked into Banana Republic

and the lady hands us one of those coupon things where usually you get no more than 10% off...

but we hit the JACKPOT and got 50% of our ENTIRE PURCHASE! so we loaded up! it was SO fun to shop without kids...oh my gosh, what a blessed experience! $500 later (that is AFTER the 50% discount) we walked out with 3 FULL bages of new clothes:):):) a womens dream. I LOVE to shop! so here's me in my new shirt and new belt:)

Me and my handsome husband

Isn't he cute?:)

AT Jakes Bar and Grill eating the most delicious pot roast!

Afterward we went and saw "The Kings Speech"...you must see, a great movie!!!

we finished the night with starbucks hot chocolate, a walk downtown and a 10 hours of UNINTERRUPTED sleep!


what a way to finish my week off:)


I just spent more than an HOUR doing up a post and it lost it:(:( someone give me hope. I just dont' think I can do it again..and it had pictures:(:(

Resolution 10K on Feb 5, 2011

I wanted to back up a bit and fill in on my last few races. This was a 5K/10K our Marathon Women team did on Feb 5, 2011. Don't you love the matching outfits?? yes. we do. Joel wanted us wearing those little running undies that look like a swimsuit, but we all laughed at him. no thanks. not til I can run a bit faster, and my butt and thighs no longer jiggle:)

This picture was taken before our race. Left to right: Coach Joel Gordon, Becky Manuel (amazing 3:09 marathoner), Helen Rarick (also amazing 3hr marathoner), Moi (not yet a marathoner) and Chuck Coats...one of the fastest men around for his age. set a new record for US men's something or other..I can't remember....must get the stats on that, but he's FAST!

I was blessed enough to have him pace me for this 10K race:) HOW LUCKY am I right??!!!

Before this race, my last 10K was 4.5 months earlier, right before I hired Joel as my coach. I ran a 47:30 10K (7:39 pace).

I argued with Joel on RAce day b/c he was yelling at me telling me that I could run a sub 7min pace for 6.2 miles and I said I couldn't! I was hoping for 7-7:15 pace.

well...we went out planning to run mile 1 at 7:15 and then try to go down from there but mile 1 was 6:47 and I pretty much held that the whole time. I felt good...it didn't kill me and I finished in 42:30 (6:50 pace). There were some small hills so a flat course hopefully I'd be a bit faster.

I was SHOCKED and excited to see a 5min drop in just 4.5 months of training! I took 3rd place for females (helen finished first in 38 something). It was an awesome day! It feel so freakin' good when you do BETTER than you think you can!!!

I loved having Chuck there to pace me. He told me wonderful things along the way like "you're doing great!", " you're so strong" ..it was awesome, I was a lucky girl that day! I have such a great team and great friends! God has blessed me greatly.

me and Chuck!!

Ready set go!

coming to the finish line...trying to KICK it!

This looks like a still shot, lol but I'm bustin my butt here I promise. about 20feet from the finish line. I have an amazing husband who is not only a GREAT CHIROPRACTOR but also an amazing photographer . check him out:)

Marathon Training Schedule

I just rec'd the first draft of my FULL MARATHON training. I am feeling really excited and overwhelmed all at the same time. My first week is 50 miles and I have 5 weeks throughout that I reach up to 65 miles a week. I have never run that much in my life!! My mind is already racing about HOW I am going to complete this 10.5week training and also maintain my life and responsibilities as a wife, mother and business owner.

I feel such a strong sense of will and fight though. I WANT this more than anything. I want to run a marathon and I want to run it at the BEST Possible potential I can.

I want to exceed my own goals and expectations. I want to feel that rush of crossing the finish line after running 26.2 miles of my very best effort. I want to WIN.

The Win won't be necessarily be finishing first, thought that would be nice, but it will be finishing what I started. knowing I worked my butt off for 10wks and then get to reap the rewards of finishing....finishing STRONG.

Since I was a little girl, I've had the heart of a runner....too bad I waited so long to persue it...but I can't dwell on that now. I have been working with my coach for 5months and have exceeded His and My expectations. I have already achieved all the goals I had set.....I thought they would take me well over a year to hit. I feel confident that this is a gift the Lord has given me. It's hard to explain but when I'm running...more specifically racing, I feel something change inside me.....it's such a wonderful feeling. I feel like I'm doing something I was born to do:)

When I decided 3 mo's ago I wanted to run a full marathon my goal was to TRY and qualify for Boston in 3:40:00......but now...since I've been running more and seen more of my potential, my goal is to go under 3:20:00....and I reserve the right to change that again!:):)
the other day Joel said to me "you are in 3:17:00 marathon shape right now" lol...I thoguht to myself "heck NO!"....(but I WILL be!).

This is a dream for me. I always said "some day I'll run a marathon" but so often those "somedays" never turn into anything. I'm super excited that I am making my goals and dreams into a reality:)
I get all fired up inside when I think about it.
My challenge will be to stay focussed and committed and still get everything else done in my life.

My business is moving into a new studio in 2wks and we have so much going on...but I can do it. I plan to SLEEP A LOT so don't be offended friends if I don't come out much for the next 2.5 months and I plan to EAT A LOT (lol), and I plan to PRAY A LOT.

so...there it is. my first blog about this fantastic journey I'm about to embark on.

Marathon, Here I COME!!!!