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What the Doc said....

I only have about 2 min to post....I'm sorry so this isn't really going to be all that informative or have to much detail but otherwise I won't get a chance til tomorrow.
first off, thank you for all the support on my last post...I have decided to not go for psychological counselling for my running addiction afterall;) though it was a nice suggestion. (pardon my sarcasm).
ANYWAY.....the doctor....
first off, I knew Dr. Foland was an amazing marathoner...but I had NO idea this man has run over 35 marathons and 25 of them have been between 2:30 and 2:37. His best marathon time was 2:30:04. That is pretty incredible. This man knows running injuries and knows alot about running in general. He spent an hour in there with me, which I'm sure is not normal...I felt bad but he was VERY helpful!
overall diagnosis:

-I have a strained (possible minor tearing) of the perennial and soleus muscles. i have a talus( part of my ankle) that is rotated out a bit.
-he thinks I overtrained a bit which caused the strain and then running the additional 4 miles from mile 22- mile 26 on my marathon after I felt it tear did cellular level damage.
-he was very adament about not doing the long marathon paced runs that I told him we do in training. He told me that it is unecessary to get to where I want to get and that my body cannot recover from that quickly enough which causes over training and injury and that if I keep it up, I will continue to get injured. So...looks like I will only be doing long progression runs and long easy runs on my next marathon cycle:)
-he THINKS with some more graston massage, adjustments to my hip and ankle, and adjustments to my training schedule I should be fine.

HOWEVER, he also said that IF I am not getting any better in the next week or 2 he needs to order a bone scan for a stress fracture. boo.
he told me to try to run 1-2 miles this morning but stop if i'm limping.
I tired..made it half a mile and stopped:( pain in one spot on my leg (not good...could mean stress fracture) and a feeling of general weakness in my leg.

overall...I am not concerned. Even if it IS a stress fracture, then I will just need to take another 4+ weeks off..but you know what ..the eliptical is not all that bad. I actually like it better now taht I adjusted the stride length:)

I am blessed...atleast I still have 2 legs.