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When Faith becomes your number 1 training tool and tapering mechanism....

I am going to try to write this with a positive attitude.
I woke up this morning feeling optimisitc after yesterdays 10miler.....

I took 2 steps and realized I could.not.run.
I was limping so bad. My glutes were not firing. I went home and cried, and cried and cried.
it is worse than last week. I couldnt' even make it across the parking lot of my apartment complex.

6 days til Boston. So what now?

I talked to my coach and this is what we've come up with: 

1. He thinks this is more than a strain...possibly a significant gluteal muscle tear
2. I am to take another 3 days off. try running an easy 3-4 on friday to see how it feels.
if it hurts, stop running.
3. Best case scenario and what I'm COUNTING ON is this: if after 3 days off I could run 10 miles yesterday with limited pain...then maybe after 6 more days off, I will be able to run with limited pain?:)

* I am mormon and we believe in the power of priesthood blessings where a man holding the priesthood or authority from God to act in his name, can minister an inspired blessing. I had my best friend Tahsha's husband give me a blessing this morning and it was beautiful. it left me hopeful that I WILL be able to run Monday but I need to REST this butt/leg of mine.

I am actually going to put myself out there and ask if you believe in prayer and have a moment to say a prayer for me? Pretty please?

I have worked so hard and more than anything just want to run on Monday and run STRONG. I will be elated if I can make it to the finish in under 3:20....I don't know if it's realisitic to still shoot for that 3:12?:(

* Perhaps the Lord is giving me a chance to increase my faith b/c He knows how much I've been struggling lately?. I am trying to find positive outlooks:)

I WILL  have faith. I WILL Run Boston. I WILL be ready. I WILL have the courage and faith to rest this week. I WILL OVERCOME.

thanks friends.