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booking races!!, some thoughts on depression, and play date with Runninghood!

Hello hello. 
So glad Summer decided to show it's pretty face for.....2 days. better than nothing I guess. Today it was back to cloudy and 68. sigh. This is getting old.

Since my last post, I have kicked my butt back into gear. 
I've had 2 great pool workouts. 

day 1: 25min steady pace of pool jogging. I did it twice 2hrs apart so a total of 50min of pool jogging!

day 2: intervals: 5min warm up, then ladders: 1min hard, 1min easy, 2min hard, 1min easy, 3hard, 1 easy, 4 hard, 1 easy, 3 hard, 1 easy, 2 hard, 1 easy, 1 hard, 1 easy. 5min cool down. 

I have also been working on abs and upper body. I decided to get out the old Chin up bar on Monday and to my Surprise, I busted out 5 REAL chin ups! then....10min later, I did 5 more!!!! I have never done more than 3 in a row so my weights must be making me stronger. It is HARD to lift your body weight from the ground up. I was pretty proud of myself:)...then at my trial run for my bride tonight..she says to me:
"Do you only run? or do you do other things b/c your arms are amazing". .....I'm not gonna lie, It was the best compliment ever!!!put a smile on my face for the rest of the night:)

ANYWAY....enough about my super scronny BUFF arms.


SO.......I had that really crappy morning on Monday and felt myself slipping towards a very depressed state. I am glad that I snapped out of it when I did b/c I just don't want to go there. 
My family has a history of depression and every single one of them has been on anti-depressants at some point...or multiple points in their life. Until I had my daughter Megan, I was the only one that hadn't. .......

THEN  I hit Post Pardum Depression and I hit it BAD. Some day I plan to write a full post on this b/c I think there is alot of misunderstanding about it. But lets say I could relate with some of those women who've been on Oprah. It was BAD. suicidle thoughts...hurting my child thoughts, hating my husband and my life.....dark dark dark days. The darkest days of my life actually.  

Anyway...why am I bringing this up? B/c I know what it feels like to be in such a deep dark depressed state and I dont' ever want to go there again..and I realized that in THIS situation I have quite a bit of control over how I feel. 
Yes, it's true that if I didn't take the 6 fish oil I take a day and run my little heart out, I would probably still struggle with some amount of depression but I have found natural ways to curb it. 

I am CHOOSING to not let this injury take me down, mentally or emotionally...it might knock me off my PHYSICAL feet for a while, but I am holding it together upstairs quite well. 
I have learned that runnning is NOT my life and that I COULD live without out it. Lucily I don't have to though and that this injury will help me love it and appreciate it EVEN more after all this. 
I really do think this has been a blessing in disguise and I am grateful for it. The Lord always knows what we NEED. So...about 10 more days and I can try running!!! woohoo!!!!


I started looking up races last night and have a few on the calendar....
August 13th: 2 miler (this will be perfect as I will only have about a month of running under my belt)..just something to quench my thirst for a race:)

September 24th: Best Damn Run 10K (did this 2yrs ago and loved it!).I hope I can get in good enough shape in 8wks to PR on my 42: 30....

Then I need to choose between the following:
October 15: Blue lake 15K
October 29: Runaway Pumpkin half 

Which one do you think I should do???


Yesterday, Amanda from Runninghood came over to swim! it was SO nice to meet her in person...she is adorable and so are her  3 cute children:) Our girls got along great and little Samuel is just a doll. 

Here are a few pics from the day... I am so lucky to have a few of you lovely blogger buddies near by:)

Amanda and I with her 3 cuties in the hot tub!
All of us..but missing little Naomi....
THIS is my FAVORITE: How adorable are these two?
I said "give me your BIGGEST smiles" and boy did they ever! lol
Erika (mine) on the left and Naomi on the right. 
Megan and Elliana Swimmin' it up! 2 little fishies...
Amanda and I...trying to hide behind our sunglasses:)

It was a great afternoon...we didn't get to chat as much as we wanted to 
b/c of course we were chasing kids...but it was just nice to hang out:)