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2-3 aint so bad!! finding the silver lining...

First off, I wanted to say Hello to the few new followers recently....I feel stupid even saying that b/c it  seems to imply that I offer something worth following which  I am not sure that I do. but I sure appreciate you reading what I have to say sometimes and offering me your wisdom and insight!! I do!
I have tried to respond to a few of you but I can't? I feel bad...once in a while I respond to a comment in my email and it will go to your email but now it just goes to Noreply@blogger.com  anyone know how to fix this???

I Promise I am trying to respond!!!....HELLO and thank you! I will try to get around to visiting you all on your blogs but I honestly have such limited time on here ...I'm sorry:(:( and sometimes I read but then my time is up before I have time to comment.

Let the healing begin!:

Okay...so I went and saw Dr. Foland yesterday and took him the XRAY. He CONFIRMED that yes indeed it is a stress fracture. He said I could do the water jogging and the eliptical if I don't feel any pain and the bike too:)
did you know that Water Jogging is EQUIVALENT to running on land? check out this article Raina sent me! thaks Raina!!! It is Fascinating how people who did ALL their running in water kept their same fitness level! NO LOSS. NO CHANGE IN 5K times, crazy huh? I almost think it would be good on my joints to do a few runs a week in the water if i could....


If you like this, then check out the 7wk training plan he gives for those who are injured:


the GOOD NEWS is Dr. Foland said probably another 2-3 wks and I should be able to slowly get back into things. YAY! 2-3 is much better than 4:)

I asked him what kind of training plan I would be looking at to ease back  in and he said probably another 2-3 wks of only 4-5 days aweek and only 3-5mile runs...but that's okay!
I was thinking I MIGHT just be able to Pace my friend Valerie in her last few Miles at theHalf on July 4th so she can get her sub 2hr half marathon!!:):) we'll see.

Again, I am not sure WHY I feel so optimistic about this cruddy situation, but I do. I am more excited for my future as an athlete than Ever:) A little challenge is good for me;)

I took a few cheesy pics to show that I WAS in the gym yesterday:)...now you can see my NO MAKEUP face...I know I don't post enough pics of  this ..but here I am in all my 6am glory:D

 pumping some iron! woot woot!

Me doing ultra sound on my leg after....basically where you see the blue wand in this pic is right about where my stress fracture is:)

This morning I had every intention of getting up to do some cardio since I Haven't done any in a few day s but my 3yr old has an ear infection so I got a whopping 4 hrs of sleep last night. from 12-2am and then from 6-8am so I am feeling like a ZOMBIE! blah!.

I guess I will try tomorrow!

Want to give a shout out to JENN who is running her marathon this saturday!! GO JENN! This women is amazing...check her out if you haven't already done so. she has been a real inspiration to me lately and gives great sound advice;o) Go get 'em Jenn!!