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Friday, June 10, 2011


Oh my gosh, Once watching Harmony's application video I immediately wanted EVERYONE I know to see it, so I am re-posting here in hopes it will help her get on the TEAM!

My very dear friend Harmony from Keep on Keeping is not just trying to get on ANY Hood to Coast team, she is trying to get on the NUUN Hood to Coast team. Nuun is an electrolyte drink you take while running.

You MUST watch her video b/c it is the BOMB!

I did NOT know that girl could dance like that.....she is so sweet and FUN and an amazing runner and the NUUN team will benefit greatly by having her there!

Please check out her video here  ( I promise it will be 2 min well spent!) and then go to the NUUN Facebook page Here and just post a comment about how they NEED to put HLOVE on their team!!

Go Harm! you're the best!!

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  1. you are so so sweet! thanks for the HUGE shout out and post! don't worry the next we meet I will show you all my signature moves! Crossing fingers!!!


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