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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Doctor appt today!

today at 3:45pm I will go see Dr. John Foland. He might not have any more information for me than what My husband has already told me ....but I just want to check. Dr. Foland is an INCREDIBLE marathoner himself so he understands running and the way it effects the body so hopefully he has good news for me.

I have been trying to think of all the positives from this very crappy situation:

1. Perhaps this is happening to help me realize my dependence on God and spend more time with him. I have been having a really hard time the last few months b/c of various things in my life and I have drawn away from Him which has made me sad. I spent some time reading scriptures on the eliptical the other day which I can't do on the treadmill so that was a plus.

2. I never have time to fit in all my running miles AND strength training...so perhaps this is a time to gain muscles and become stronger overall....not just in my legs.

okay...sadly...that's all I can come up with right now....
however, I could give you an endless list on why this ISN'T cool.

for starters...I just dropped my daughters off at my friends for her preschool and COULD go out and enjoy the beautiful day with a run....but I can't. I am stuck inside blogging instead. My legs are too sore to do the eliptical b/c I decided to do too many leg presses and squats with 15lb weights yesterday. what an idiot.

I feel myself losing motivation. It has been 24 days since I could run:( I feel out of shape, gross, unmotivated...un-athletic and just plain stupid. Everything I have worked at is going out the window...I don't seem to care about what I'm eating, how much sleep I'm getting....my routine has just gone to crap. I sleep in too late..then don't want to get out of bed.
at this point...I feel like i'm looking at AT LEAST another 4wks (MINIMUM) as my leg still hurts a tonne when I try to run, before I can run and by that point, it will be like starting over. I worked so hard the last 8 mos to start over. so lame!

oh well.....I am trying NOT to think about it too much during the day or else I end up feeling like this and THIS is not going to get me anywhere is it?

I will just keep plugging along and see where this road takes me......

and I will probably feel quite the opposite of everything I just wrote by tomorrow...My emotions seem to change hourly. ...that's just an extra little bonus that comes along with this injury package;o)


  1. I just found your blog today and just wanted to say I'm so sorry you are having to go through this with your injury. I battled with an injury last summer and could not run for months and it takes a toll on you mentally. Running does so much to keep me in shape physically but I think I love it more because it keeps my mind sane as well. Hope your injury heals soon!

  2. Hi Nicole,
    I regularly check your blog, and I find your motivation and results amazing. However, I do think you are taking yourself and running too seriously. It seems kind of addiction, not just in a good sense, although one of better ones. Remember, you are not in your early 20s, not a professional runner hoping to qualify for Olympics or something. I do not want to be offensive, but I would warmly suggest besides doctors also some spiritual/psychological counseling. Wishing you all the best, sincerely. x

  3. Oh Nicole... I'm on my phone so can't really comment right now.... Good luck with your appt. I'll be thinking of you. Really girl, try to focus on those positives!!! So many great things you have going for you!!!! I understand injury, frustration, the loss of motivation, been there but you're RIGHT, focusing on it ISN'T going to get you anywhere. One day at a time-OK! Thoughts and prayers that things go well today:)

  4. thank you for processing and sharing your feelings. this is helpful and part of being a runner, and girl you are a runner!!! I feel your disappointment but know you will get through this and learn so much more about yourself. I know many others have gone down this long road as well. I am here to encourage and pray for you and feel thankful that Windermere brought us together! HUGS! Positive vibes and PLEASE keep sharing and processing!! You got this!!

  5. NN I am not sure how you expected Nicole to respond to your comment?? Compassion, time and understanding is what my friend needs, the comment you left her didn't feel like any of those things.
    Hang in there Eyeliner!

  6. Dear NN,
    thank you for your very helpful comment.....you must be a doctor of Psychology? I would love to read YOUR blog except you FORGOT to divulge who you are. How can I offer equally as encouraging comments for you?:)
    furthermore....the last female olympic marathoner was 38. Gosh, I've still got 6yrs...I better get running.

  7. Nicole,
    i am hoping that your appt goes well and that you miraculously healed :) If it did not goes as well as you hoped, remember that you are loved and that this will pass even if it seems like recovery is going to take forever.
    On another note, I met your coach at PRC yesterday, I recognized him from your blog. I have been contemplating getting a coach so we chatted for a while. Maybe we will be teammates soon :) I saw that you left a comment on one of my blog posts I had not seen. There are having HEED on the Helvetia course, have you ever used that. I have not in my training but I did use it on the course last year with no ill side effects, hoping it holds true for this year too. Hoping your appt is going well as you are probably there right now!!!!

  8. Despite what NN may think, I think that you are a human trying to make it in this insane world the best you can just like everyone else. Finding a balance of being a mother, a professional, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, AND having goals and dreams of your own can make anyone feel like they are burning the candle at both ends. I don't think that your obsessed and need help, I think that you are a super strong woman that is becoming a wonderful friend to me, and I have faith that God has prepared a beautiful road ahead for you.

    It is damn near impossible to be at 100% everyday, so keep your head up and don't let outsiders knock you down.

  9. Glad to read so many comments here from people who care.
    I hope your appointment with the doctor is helpful and that you are back to running again soon. I am encouraged to see that you are using time on the elliptical to read scriptures. I sometimes listen to them as free downloads from itunes- or to Christian podcasts- something you can do running or not. :)
    Praying for you- and appreciating how you are finding the positive in this.

  10. Hi! New to your blog - I am just getting over an injury so I know how you feel! I hope you will be up and "running" in no time!

  11. Nicole - I saw your comment and yes, I love hot yoga! I started doing yoga about a year ago when I suffered with plantar fascitiis and could not run and every since then, it is a must in my weekly routine. The hot yoga classes I go to are in the 90 degree range, so they are not like the Bikram classes which are almost so hot you can't breathe. But, I find the heat helps you get into the poses better and for me, really helps with my flexibility, strength, and injury prevention. Plus, yoga in general does wonders for my sanity and mental clarity!! Plus, it is a little tougher than regular yoga so I feel like I am getting a great workout! Let me know if you try and/or like the classes!

  12. I was just catching up on your blog, looks like Maui was a great time. I love Bubba Gumps my husband and I went there several times on our honeymoon. Your Mom looked beautiful for her wedding and how special you got her ready. I am praying your injury heals fast, I know how hard it is to be out of commission. You have incredible talent and will get back there, though sometimes it is hard to see the rainbow through the rain.


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