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Thursday, June 30, 2011

been gone all week!! update from Doc and I WON!!:)

Hello world...I have been at youth girls camp for church all week...so fun but I am so behind...in work...in blogs...aaahhh...
Anyway..some fun news and updates:

1. I won the Oregon Bride Magazine's Best of 2011 award for: Best Hair & Makeup
woohoo!! I feel really proud of this b/c I have built my business from the ground up with no business training or education at all...just talent and good 'ol customer service:)
Here's me with Chrystal and Bri who work for me:
a pic of the award listing in the magazine

Bri, Myself and Chrystal at the Party

2. saw doc today and I didn't get the okay to run like I thought I would:(:( but it's okay. He wants me to wait the whole 8wks so another 9 days it is.......

3. I am up 8lbs since my marathon 7wks ago. lol. and 3 of those pounds I gained since Monday LOL at CAMP! I have never eaten so much food (and not healthy food) in my life! I probably consumed about 5000-6000 calories  a day. yuck.

4. I will get caught up on blogs as soon as I can but am gone away again tomorrow..so probably sat night.
Hope everyone is well!!!

Anyone running Sauvie on Monday? I will be there cheering you all on even though I can't run! xx


  1. So excited to meet you on Monday :) I only hope that if I was in your situation that I could be happy watching others run but I think I would have to stay away because I would have too much runners envy :) You are awesome and have a great attitude. 8 more days :)
    Congrats on the award, that is amazing :)
    Don't worry about the 8 lbs, give yourself a break, once you start running again you will lose it I'm sure.
    Glad you had fun at girls camp. See you on Monday :)

  2. Great talking to you this morning girl! You will have those 8 lbs off in no time and I think you probably look better than you think you do with those 8lbs. You're beautiful. Congrats on this award....so great that you are doing what you are so gifted in doing!

  3. Congrats, you need to give me make up tips...um my make up looks terrible! 8 pounds isn't so bad, it'll feel great sweating them off in 9 days.


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