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Thursday, June 9, 2011

1-2 mile run doc suggested....unsuccessful....

I got up full of HOPE yesterday morning...I lasted about .5 miles on the treadmill. It hurt too much and had to stop. I feel FINE when I'm walking...it's just as SOON as I leave the ground and that right leg hits the treadmill...ouch! right there in that SPOT on the side of my leg. hmph!

I am really starting to wonder if maybe it IS a stress fracture.....almost 4wks now without running and I still can't run...hmmm...
I DESPERATELY want to run the sauvie island flat half I'm registered for.
such a BUMMER!


  1. Sorry Nicole! Weird that it still hurts...could be something else. Does it hurt to do elliptical or stairmaster just to maintain fitness? Just let this make you stronger...a good time to really reflect and zoom in on want you WANT from running! I think for me, I'm always go go go go going and even if I think I'm taking time to think and know what I want from my life, sometimes it takes being sidelined for me to really sit with my thoughts and come out of it all with a clearer, fiercer, and more go get 'em focus to my life, running, motherhood, spirituality, etc. I always say that my hamstring injury was the BEST thing that ever happened to me and I came back soooo much stronger and more determined than ever. NOt that I am saying that this is a good thing by any means...In fact if someone said this to me when I was injured, I might have eaten their face for dinner!!!! I needed to come to these conclusions on my own. And it took not being able to run for me to really feel my full fire being lit...not just as a runner but with so many things.

    Thinking of you girl! You have so many gifts....try to use this time to throw yourself into some of your other passions, focus on making a list every morning of thins you are thankful for (this totally helps me with healing and feeling encouraged and I do it often especially when I feeling discouraged and DOWN)....the list can just be off the cuff like:
    breakfast this morning
    time alone before the kids wake up
    a new client
    a pool to swim in
    a husband that makes me laugh
    the show I saw last night that made me think
    so and so's blog
    My doctor
    etc. etc.
    This helps me sooooo much but you might just want to tell me to shut up! ha ha. I find that the more positives I focus on, the more I get out of life. The most I shove all those negative thoughts and feelings out the window the best I can and focus on the abundance in life, it just keeps coming and this helps my body heal way faster!! All that positive energy is the BEST medicine...serious stuff!

    Love to you girlie! Loe to that leg of yours! Off to gymnastics!

  2. Oh good grief...the typos the typos...too bad there isn't an edit option on comments! ha ha!

  3. I feel for you. Being injured can cause so much frustration!! I hope you are on the mend soon.


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