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Handful Giveaway!

This is not MY handful giveaway but I AM doing one...and that should be in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!!!

The Handful Bra is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE running accessory. I got so tired of looking like a 12 year old boy when I put my sports bra on....that when Amanda told me about this bra, I was ALL over it!
It has changed my life. I know that seems crazy, but it's true. When I do my giveaway I will post photos of me in a regular sports bra and then in the Handful Bra and you will see why:) I don't just wear it for running anymore, but have designated ones just for every day:)

(no,this is not me, I WISH!, picture from Handful's website)

Anyway, I wanted to pass on the details of this giveaway to Win 3, yes THREE!, Handful Bras from Handful themselves right now!!

CONTEST:  There will be 2 separate drawings for 3 FREE handfuls.  1 for activity b/t 1/30 (video release) and 2/14 and one for activity b/t 2/15 and 2/29! 
Here's how you get "Entries":

  • 1 entry per Tweet:  Mention @handfulbra in a tweet with link to video
  • 1 entry per Facebook post with tag to @handful to display on our page!
  • 1 entry per Blog post (send me an email with link or post link on our facebook page!)
  • 5 entries per getting one of your followers to get into the "contest" by the above social media activities!
    • This might be hard to track for me so if you know one of your friends is doing it, please send me an email with their name so I can add them and give you credit  or have them do that!

POST a comment here letting me know you have: Tweeted, Facebooked or Blogged about Handful!!

thanks and good luck!!!
You know what they say, all you need is a Handful;)