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Kidney stones, drugs and a beautiful self-portrait....

I am still a bit high on oxycodone as I write this...sorry....I feel like total crap.

So here's the story as best I can remember it....

Friday night. come down with bladder infection.
saturday 1pm. start antibiotics.
sunday. feel fine.
Sunday going into monday morning at 12:30am I wake up in all kinds of weird discomfort.
after 2hrs of it getting worse, I decide I have a kidney infection and steve tells me to drive myself to emergency.
we have no medical insurance so I start crying b/c i'm in pain and know I need to go, but we don't have money for the size of bill I'm going to get.

I drive myself to the hospital, all the way, PRAYING there isn't a long wait. When I arrive, there is not ONE person in emergency!! how often does THAT happen? never. Thank you God for hearing my prayers.
they got me in quick, which was good b/c I went from bad to worse in about 45min. By the time they had me pee in a cup, and put an IV in my arm, I was doubled over crying in pain and BEGGING for pain medication. I can honestly say this felt worse than birthing my 10lb daughter sans drugs.
she gave me some morphine and within about 5min it kicked in. SO thankful for modern day medicine.

They explained that there was A LOT of blood in my urine and the way I was describing the pain, they think I have kidney stones and need to send me for a CT Scan (all I can think is more $$$$$).

Of course, being high on morphine, I tell the guy, I write a blog and need a photo of the machine. he tells me this was a first:)

After the CT scan, I asked for more morphine b/c the pain was already coming back....she gave me more and I was litterally OUT. OF. IT for 12hrs after that. YIKES.

At one point, I remember trying to text steve and typing the same word over and over again b/c I couldn't get it right, til I passed my phone to the nurse and I heard her burst out laughing...I think she was standing their watching me TRY to text.
It's a good thing I don't do drugs, or drink or anything of that source. I don't remember what I was saying but there were 2 nurses and they were laughing at me a lot......

It must have been around the same time I had the great idea to take a self-portrait to see what I look like on morphine....incase you were wondering also...I'll share:

Purdy, huh? love my Medusa hair and my handful bra:)

They sent me home with some oxycodone and a strainer. Yes, I get to strain all my pee's. They want to test it to find out what caused it. they said I have lots of them in my kidneys:(:(

Well, it's been 24hrs and no stone, so I'm wondering if my body broke it down? I have no idea.
do I risk going off pain meds and then it decides to come out? or do I just assume it past. They told me it was 3mm in size and would hurt when it came out...not sure what happened to it.

I just want to get down from this high so I can run again. I am ticked I missed my 15miler yesterday and am missing more miles today.
I am totally jinxed when I decide to train for marathons......what is up with that?

so...that's my story.....told while I'm high:)