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5 things I can't train without!!

Okay....I have been thinking lately about what has become my most important Training Must haves the last year or two... the things I use on a REGULAR Basis that I just don't think i could live without:) Sure My garmin...my favorite running clothes etc.....but these are 5 things I have come to depend upon every day!

Nicole's "Daily Must Have's":

1. Oatmeal

I cook this up EVERY morning. I eat it with raisins ( you must soak them in the boiling water first), cinnamon, raw honey and almond milk. yummmm!!

2. My Saucony Ride 4's

I have tried so many other shoes and I love Brooks launches for racing but for my every day training shoe, this is the ONLY shoe that won't mess up my feet.

Sometimes, I wish for a more exciting shoe...but I have to give this one credit for seeing me through again and again.

3. My Usana vitamins
I take A LOT! I've been on this stuff for 14yrs and love it. This isn't even all of it:)

they are the number one nutritional supplement in North America, Pharmaceutical grade, and have a professional athlete $1million guarantee that they are 100% pure and safe for athletes. LOVE them!
The oil of oregano isn't Usana..it's something new I'm trying.


4. Protein Recovery Shake

I am really good about taking my shake. Whenever I do a long run, a speed, tempo or hill workout, I take this within 5-10 minutes of finishing. I just put 1 scoop in a shaker cup with water and drink! then I always follow up with some carb meal:)


This is the USANA Whey Protein Nutrimeal shake. LOVE it! it's more pricey than the muscle milk but WAY better quality:)

5. Nike Training Center App for my iPhone

John just told me about this and it's already in my MUST HAVES list! this is like P90x but FREE!! DOWNLOAD IT NOW!!! I did the Core Crunch workout tonight! only 15min utes and AWESOME!! You do a variety of core routines for 1minute each.

I totally need something like this that I can just do in my room before bed or wherever, whenever I want!

I have more but we'll just start with those.

Oh...and this girl...does she count? :)

I run with Steph (Soggy runner girl) every week and I'm not sure how I would cope if I didn't have her as my part-time training partner anymore...Love you Steph!!

(p.s yes...I DO look tall in photos. hmm.. just to clear this up...I am ONLY 5'4:) I am short. yes. I have LONG legs for my height so I LOOK tall, but I'm not. And yes, Steph is only 5'3:):)

What are YOUR Running/Training MUST-HAVES???
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