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Fartlek Friday...and the next 5wks!

Today was Fartlek Friday again:)

workout was 6 x 4min ....did them on the TM b/c I had the girls and did them at 6:44 pace...except the last one which was 6:31 pace. Felt good but 4min while stairing at the wall feels like FOREVER!!!

So, I picked up my schedule for the next 5weeks from John today and I'm so excited!!
I get to start doing some speed work!!

A few things to look forward to this month: 

2 x 20 milers
2 x 15mile progression runs
My first 75 mile week:)**
A LOT of Mile repeats (not my favorite but I'll get over it:))
a 16 x 400M workout! LOVE 400's !! but haven't done these in SO long!! almost a year!
A few 800m workouts
oh...and ONE MORE 10 x 2min HILL workout:)

I am feeling strong.....everything has been relatively comfortable til now and this all looks fairly do-able but definitely gonna be some work involved too:)

I have a 5K on Feb 12th and a 10K on March 3rd. We'll see if My fitness has improved the last few months..not expecting TOO much of a PR on the 5K but John wants me to aim for 19:50 so we'll see....

I got my NEW SHOES today and ran my 3 miler (double day) tonight in the PURE FLOWS!! they are awesome! they really do prevent you from Heal striking! I've been working on this for over 6mo's so I think this is the perfect time to transition into them:):)

well...off to bed, get to celebrate my 9 year anniversary tomorrow and finish off my week with 10 miles tomorrow morning:)