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Feeling STRONG but NOT Fast:(

Let me start by saying I LOVE my training... I am not looking for anything different. I trust John. I trust his expertise and I trust his training.

HOWEVER, I am having some issues within myself.

I feel STRONG. I feel like my ability to run LONG is the best it's ever been. I have been runnning consistent mileage for 5 mos now. Something I've NEVER done. I am running higher mileage than I ever have.
BUT I am feeling the strain of almost a year without speed work.
I feel SLOW. Really slow.
Not slow as in I can't run 8:00 pace for 18 miles...I did that last week and that was great.
But I don't even think I could run the 20:10 5K I ran in November right now. I am not sure WHY I feel this way. If it is correct or if it's just a mental block. I guess we'll see when I run this 5K this weekend.

I am starting to wonder if running 6wks of speedwork WILL be enough when I've been off speed since last April???
I am starting to doubt if I really will be able to run 26.2 miles at sub 7:45 pace even?

I want to feel FAST again.
I am feeling really insecure about the mile repeats I have coming up.

Why do I feel SLOWER than I did 2 mos ago???
someone help me unscramble this brain of mine and make sense of whats going on....

is it b/c I've been running so many EASY miles ? and not very many fast miles????:(:(