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Friday, February 10, 2012

Handful Giveaway!

This is not MY handful giveaway but I AM doing one...and that should be in the next few weeks, so stay tuned for that!!!

The Handful Bra is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE running accessory. I got so tired of looking like a 12 year old boy when I put my sports bra on....that when Amanda told me about this bra, I was ALL over it!
It has changed my life. I know that seems crazy, but it's true. When I do my giveaway I will post photos of me in a regular sports bra and then in the Handful Bra and you will see why:) I don't just wear it for running anymore, but have designated ones just for every day:)

(no,this is not me, I WISH!, picture from Handful's website)

Anyway, I wanted to pass on the details of this giveaway to Win 3, yes THREE!, Handful Bras from Handful themselves right now!!

CONTEST:  There will be 2 separate drawings for 3 FREE handfuls.  1 for activity b/t 1/30 (video release) and 2/14 and one for activity b/t 2/15 and 2/29! 
Here's how you get "Entries":

  • 1 entry per Tweet:  Mention @handfulbra in a tweet with link to video
  • 1 entry per Facebook post with tag to @handful to display on our page!
  • 1 entry per Blog post (send me an email with link or post link on our facebook page!)
  • 5 entries per getting one of your followers to get into the "contest" by the above social media activities!
    • This might be hard to track for me so if you know one of your friends is doing it, please send me an email with their name so I can add them and give you credit  or have them do that!

POST a comment here letting me know you have: Tweeted, Facebooked or Blogged about Handful!!

thanks and good luck!!!
You know what they say, all you need is a Handful;)


  1. I definitely want to enter the contest. By commenting here on your blog can I be entered or do I need to put something on my blog about it? I will find them on FB too!

    1. Tia you get an entry fOr a tweet a FB post or a blog post etc. then if you blog this and get some of your followers todo any of those things you get 5 entries per post THEY do!!!! Let me know what u do!

    2. It will only let me reply, not comment new. I tweeted the giveaway! @vblean

  2. I just read your posts (have been busy for the last two weeks) and I'm so sorry you had to go to the hospital and be terrified like that. Don't stress over the lost miles and just remember God will take care of you, your family and your running. Everything we need is given to us, and you're have your awesome marathon one day, even if it's not in your April race.

    Take care and God bless.

  3. I'm blogging about the giveaway right now, because LORD KNOWS I COULD USE A HANDFUL! ;)

  4. And I'm also going to Tweet about the giveaway and mention them, so people can check them out. ;)

  5. Tweeted as @bchan5720 https://twitter.com/#!/BChan5720/status/168772622035849216

  6. Posted on facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/bernadette.chan/posts/353158688039150

  7. I shared the giveaway on my fb page - Electra Liontis.

  8. I shared the giveaway on my FB page - Vanilla Bean Lean.

  9. I shared the giveaway on my fb page - Electra Liontis - Athlete.

  10. Tweeted as @bchan5720 https://twitter.com/#!/BChan5720/status/170686075939983361

  11. Posted on facebook https://www.facebook.com/bernadette.chan/posts/114639011995480

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