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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feeling STRONG but NOT Fast:(

Let me start by saying I LOVE my training... I am not looking for anything different. I trust John. I trust his expertise and I trust his training.

HOWEVER, I am having some issues within myself.

I feel STRONG. I feel like my ability to run LONG is the best it's ever been. I have been runnning consistent mileage for 5 mos now. Something I've NEVER done. I am running higher mileage than I ever have.
BUT I am feeling the strain of almost a year without speed work.
I feel SLOW. Really slow.
Not slow as in I can't run 8:00 pace for 18 miles...I did that last week and that was great.
But I don't even think I could run the 20:10 5K I ran in November right now. I am not sure WHY I feel this way. If it is correct or if it's just a mental block. I guess we'll see when I run this 5K this weekend.

I am starting to wonder if running 6wks of speedwork WILL be enough when I've been off speed since last April???
I am starting to doubt if I really will be able to run 26.2 miles at sub 7:45 pace even?

I want to feel FAST again.
I am feeling really insecure about the mile repeats I have coming up.

Why do I feel SLOWER than I did 2 mos ago???
someone help me unscramble this brain of mine and make sense of whats going on....

is it b/c I've been running so many EASY miles ? and not very many fast miles????:(:(


  1. Because you are running longer- Yep- it's really that simple- Your trainer is right- build up your base- backed off the speed while doing that- you are going to feel less wind beneath your wings because of it. Promise you - you'll be feeling the fast 5k coming up but it will give that jump start back into the speed to get ready for Boston - Just like You Want! Little Hard to do two things at once my dear- and if you did- where would you be? Injured likely- Don't want that! You're doing the Right Stuff and totally normal in your thoughts- :)

  2. Your strong endurance base will bring the speed back quicker than you imagine. It is there and it will show up when you need it.

  3. i bet you will surprise yourself this weekend. I know sometimes when I am feeling slow I end up racing with a really fast time.

  4. I think that the training times I have seen from you are amazing Nicole. There are tons of times where I feel slow too and then holy moly I look at my Garmin splits and realize I wasn't pedestrian after all. I think you will be surprised when you get to Boston in April because you have put it in the work and you have great endurance. It sounds like John really understands you and I am sure that you will have the perfect race just when you want it--at Boston!


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