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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fartlek Friday...and the next 5wks!

Today was Fartlek Friday again:)

workout was 6 x 4min ....did them on the TM b/c I had the girls and did them at 6:44 pace...except the last one which was 6:31 pace. Felt good but 4min while stairing at the wall feels like FOREVER!!!

So, I picked up my schedule for the next 5weeks from John today and I'm so excited!!
I get to start doing some speed work!!

A few things to look forward to this month: 

2 x 20 milers
2 x 15mile progression runs
My first 75 mile week:)**
A LOT of Mile repeats (not my favorite but I'll get over it:))
a 16 x 400M workout! LOVE 400's !! but haven't done these in SO long!! almost a year!
A few 800m workouts
oh...and ONE MORE 10 x 2min HILL workout:)

I am feeling strong.....everything has been relatively comfortable til now and this all looks fairly do-able but definitely gonna be some work involved too:)

I have a 5K on Feb 12th and a 10K on March 3rd. We'll see if My fitness has improved the last few months..not expecting TOO much of a PR on the 5K but John wants me to aim for 19:50 so we'll see....

I got my NEW SHOES today and ran my 3 miler (double day) tonight in the PURE FLOWS!! they are awesome! they really do prevent you from Heal striking! I've been working on this for over 6mo's so I think this is the perfect time to transition into them:):)

well...off to bed, get to celebrate my 9 year anniversary tomorrow and finish off my week with 10 miles tomorrow morning:)



  1. I love how excited you are!! I'm sure you'll kill the 5K and the 10K! :) :)

  2. I am loving my Pure Flows, they feel so good to run in. I am not a big fan of mile repeats either, they can be so mentally challenging!

    1. yes.....HATE Mile repeats...I have aworkout next week that is 5 x 1 mile ....ugh....NOT looking forward to it!

  3. Hey there. On my phone here! Nice job on the workout. Yes, staring at the wall sucks and when I ragged about it to Joe he hung a mirror next to me so I would have someone to talk to, someone to race. I don't really know this girl in the mirror but I tell you her form is awful sometimes and it doesn't matter if I try to shake her, she is right there stride for stride. So annoying.....

    Your next 5 weeks look great!! I hate 400's. Go get em girl!! Glad you love the flows!

  4. Nothing beats new shoes. Even new of the same kind! You do a lot of challenging runs and speed. I feel like I ought to be copying your workouts!

    1. Gracie...are you kidding? looks like you know EXACTLy what you're doing! ha..I would LOVE to run a 3:09 marathon....which is actually what....like a 3:02 b/c you ran an extra mile lol. You are amazing!
      My schedule is actually SO simple, not complicatd at all. you should have seen my workouts last year. INSANE. there was a reason I took 14min off my half marathon time in less than 7mos. the coach I had had me doing CRAZY hard stuff. Johns routine is pretty simple.
      Monday are long slow or med/long progression runs
      wed are hills or tempo
      Fridays are speed or fartlek:)

      every other day is whatever mileage I want/can fit in. he gives me a weekly mileage goal to hit within 5 miles and that's it:)

  5. SO exciting following you through this training. You are doing wonderful and staying so positive!!!

  6. I love 400s and I hate the mile repeats.
    So glad you like the flows. Really good shoes.
    You are doing great and I have no doubt you will do better than 19:50 at your 5K.

    1. Oh thanks AM but I am feeling VERY slow right now. great endurance. no speed.

  7. Great job! It was fun to cyber train with this workout! I am sitting in an ice bath right now, so fun! So excited to see what you do in the next 10 weeks and at Boston!

  8. Wow, you are going to have a busy month chica! I love progression runs, but don't like 400 repeats so much.

  9. Promising Month- Can't wait to watch you run strong- Inspiring RunnerGirl ♥

  10. Your training looks sooo strong Nicole! I have no doubts you'll get that 19:50. You have such a great base to go into these workouts. :) So cool! I'm not sure if my new plan calls for any of the 400's but I hope so because I like this workout.


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