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Monday, February 27, 2012

Being a Mother Runner requires FLEXIBILITY...and my last 2 workout recaps:) Oh and I get mother of the day award today!:/

Friday's 5 mile repeats workout had to get moved to Saturday b/c my 4yr old was up all night sick...of course Friday was nice weather and saturday was rainy and cold and WINDY! I live in the Columbia Gorge so we get BAD winds.....I don't love it.

I headed out Saturday morning around 9am to get 'er done!
I was NOT feeling it, but I've learned lately to just buck up and get it done b/c I want to arrive in Boston strong. If I'm paying that much money and travelling THAT far, you better believe I'm not gonna show up there with any regrets about my training that I had control over.

The workout John gave me called for 5 x 1mile at 6:30. If you remember last weeks workouts, they were progressive miles ending with a 6:05:) it was a Great workout, but John wanted me to be more consistent in my times this week.

Mile 1: 6:27
Mile 2: 6:17 (i knew I was headed in the "progressive" direction so I pulled back).
Mile 3: 6:25
Mile 4: 6:30
Mile 5: 6:33
The last 2 were so mentally challenging. I was FREEZING, it started to rain and it got really windy...the last mile I actually switched directions 3 times b/c the wind was too hard so that probably accounts for the slower time. I wanted to be done so bad,but it felt good to be DONE:)

Today I was supposed to run 20:) beautiful sunny day, so I was excited! only nice day forecasted all week!!! and I get to do my LONG run!! thank you God, right? Wrong!.
Drove 45min to Stephanies house b/c Erika has a cold and I couldnt' take her to preschool so Stephanie offered to watch her since her kids already had it. (bless your heart Steph, I sure am blessed to have you in my life!).

Well about 90 seconds before we arrived, Erika puked all over the back seat! I think it was car sickness b/c she gets that and she has been fine since, but the stomach flu IS going around and we couldn't risk it. So quick bath at Stephanies...change of clothes and BACK into the car for the drive home! lol...

I texted John and we decided to switch the week around!
so I did 8 x 800's on the TM instead today.

3:13 (6:27 pace, or 9.3 on the TM for all 8 of them). I didnt' even bother trying to do the last one faster.

I cannot run fast on the TM, it is so hard for me! does anyone else have this problem? I can run SO much faster on the roads.

Mother of the Day Award:
As if the day couldn't get any more interesting I recieve a text at 3:45 from Megans teacher asking where I am??:(:( Yup. I forgot my daughter at school. she gets out at 3:30.
Seriously...lol. WHAT. A. DAY! Have you ever forgot to pick up your child from school?
so I busted out the door and then was embarassed to go pick her up in my VERY short running shorts infront of her 35 yr old male teacher. seriously. The female teacher that was in the room couldnt' help but comment on how cold it is..."Especially when I'm wearing SHORTS!" :/ I get it lady, I get it.

Wednesday will be my 20 miler instead, and Saturday is my 10K Race!!!

This week is my highest mileage and probably peek mileage week....75 miles:)
So I don't know what to expect for time on Saturday, but I'm happy with a 41:xx anything on tired legs! it gives me confidence that on rested legs I could bust out a REALLy good 10K right now!!

Today taught me that I need to count my blessings and a Good reminder that I am a Mother Frist, and Runner Second. Hence the title " Mother - Runner".

I am thankful I have a treadmill at our apartment and that it has a sofa so Erika could lay there and watch a movie while I ran.
I am thankful for good friends willing to help me get a workout in
I am thankful I kept a smile on my face all day
I am thankful I was inspired to put a roast in the crockpot at 8am this morning b/c I dont' have to worry about making dinner now!
I am thankful for sunshine, it made this day alot easier to deal with

I am thankful that it's only 7 weeks to BOSTON and I feel STRONG and HEALTHY!
If you remember, my NUMBER ONE GOAL is: to get to Boston, Un-injured and not sick!!

peace-out friends!


  1. I love everything about this post! I am a mom as well and can relate to it all. :-)

    1. Thanks Marcia!!! funny thing is I don't think I would run as much or as hard if I didn't have a hectic life that FORCED me to stay on top of it! it seems like when my family is out of town and I have lots of free time I don't want to do anything! ha ha

  2. Ha!! I love the energy in this post girl!! :) Sounds like you are totally seeing the bright side to things. Sorry about your sick baby girl. :( boo. but you made the most out of it and still had a kick butt workout. You. Go! :) 7 weeks!! Wahoo. :)

    1. I think the sunshine helped A LOT today!!

  3. You were the Queen of being flexible today!! Scheduling 20 milers around childcare can definitely be challenging. I run into that all the time. It takes a lot of planning and sometimes (ok, most of the time) things just come up and we have to re-arrange. It sounds like you have a great coach who understands. Good luck with 75(that's crazy awesome!!!!) and the upcoming 10K! :-)

    1. Thanks Tia! I have two 22 milers this month!! woohoo!!

  4. great job and example Nicole! Thank you for sharing. I cant believe its in 7 weeks. I sure hope they have text updates!!! :) I cant wait to cheer you on. XOXOOX

  5. You did have quite the day! I am still so impressed with your mileage. 7 weeks is nothing- it will fly by and you will be in Boston before you know it!

  6. I forgot my older son the other day.
    Was on a day they get out earlier...
    My home phone was off (very dumb)
    my cell phone was in the car
    he gets out at 1:30 on Wed
    at 2 I realized that I had forgotten him and I rushed to school...everyone was so worried well except my son he was having a great time with the principal..but they had called my husband who thought I was in danger or hurt
    I felt so bad.
    now I have an alarm on my watch just for that!!!
    see you are not alone!

    1. Ha! yeah I was about to jump in the shower when he texted and would have missed it!

  7. I can't run on the TM. Period. I ran 4 @ 9 pace yesterday and it was probably the same perceived effort as a 7:20 pace on road. Crazy!

  8. So sorry to hear about your kiddo's. I hope they're on the up-swing now. You really hand your hands full this week.

    Killer workout girl. Anything above 8.0 on the treadmill, and I feel like I'm goign to fly off the back of the belt. It's SO much harder.

    Good luck with your race this Saturday. I know you'll be posting some impressive numbers!

  9. Oh Nicole. This made me laugh!!! I am totally relating to mother of the day! I once dropped Max off for kindergarten (he had school every other day). I was 25 miles down the road on my commute to work before I got the phonecall that he did NOT have school on that day from the Elementary office. Had to have a friend pick him up!!

    Simply fantastic mile repeats outdoors and in the wind! You are VERY strong right now. I bet you run an AWESOME 10K. You know when I was in the heart of marathon training last spring. I ran a 22 on Tuesday before my 10K PR on Sunday. I thought this would maybe set me back but it was so encouraging to see I could still perform WELL on higher mileage with an easier day the day before the race. You are well into marathon training here but I think you can be very confident about being able to PR. I really really think that tapered you would be in the 40's (you may be regardless:). Outside of marathon training and more specific training which you will do later this year and sub 40 is in the bag for you. Fun to watch you Nicole. So much at your fingertips. Best of luck to you with the 20 and also the 10K!

    1. Oh ha ha Jenn! sometimes I think Megan's teacher thinks I'm a nut....always late...forgetting my child...he just doesn't understand MOTHERHOOD! and what it does to our brains!
      I ran my 20 today and my race is saturday so only 3 days to seperate them but hoping I can pull off something decent!!


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