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Friday, April 27, 2012

Okay...lets start over: here's the REAL MRI results

To say this week has been a ROLLER COASTER of emotions is a HUGE understatment.
One minute I'm optimistic about my future, the next I am ready to just disappear.

Here are the results:

1. Primary stress lines in both femoral heads: 
* Concern is that I COULD be pre-osteoporatic (but lets hope not!)
-this makes me so mad b/c I take MORE supplements than anyone I know and the BEST ones in the highest, purest concentrations. it just doesn't make sense.
-I am supposed to go get a Bone density test:( Now I get to stress about degenerative disease. great.

2. Stress reaction/mild stress fracture in my femur. 
*MINIMUM of 8wks off to start...then see where we're at.
-boo. another year of the Sauvie half marathon down the drain. this will be year 3 I have missed it.
The thought of taking off AT LEAST 6 more weeks and then re-evaluate makes me feel sick right now.

3. Mild Tendonitis in both hamstrings. 
-enough said. totally awesome right?;)

So far, these are the ideas that have been thrown around:

1. I am probably not going to be able to run more than 40-50 miles a week. Ever.:(
2. I am going to have to stick to 3-4days a week running:(
3. I will have to introduce a lot more cross training.

I will sit down with John next week when he is back in town to discuss all the things we need to change.....I"m not sure what else to expect at this point.

I feel blessed that i will still be able to run, but disappointed that I will probably never get to do high mileage-Really enjoyed it. I am not sure how this will effect my chances of ever getting those fast times in the marathon if I can't put the  mileage in. it's disappointing.

For now, my plan is to: 
1. NOT gain 20lbs
2. Learn to love the eliptical and pool jogging
3. NOT fall into a deep depression the next few months.
4. TRY to let this situation turn me into a better person. 

I feel like this injury is so premature:( I was still GRATEFUL to be running everyday after my last stress fracture. i hadn't yet gotten to the place where I take it for granted. This just feels like a huge blow to my heart.

Bottom line
IT IS WHAT IT IS. Sink or swim. I choose to swim (no pun intended;)).


  1. Praying for you, friend!! You'll get through - your positive energy will help!!! And dont worry, I don't run more than 50 miles/week when I'm training and my coach thinks I can go sub-3:10. You'll get all of your PR's - I just know it!!!! Xoxo

  2. That's a lot to process, I'm sorry. I hope for good results on the bone density test; pre-osteo is pretty normal results though. It doesn't necessarily mean you are any weaker than other adult women.
    Here's to a lot of FUN cross training! Maybe you'll find something you love!

  3. Sorry to hear that your first "real" results weren't quite as real. I don't really have anything else to say besides that really sucks, I'm sorry for you. I hope you heal quickly & am glad you have chosen to swim. :)

  4. I am sorry to hear the news. I currently have a "stress reaction" in my lower leg, and I have been off for five weeks now. I have fallen in LOVE with spinning and hope to incorporate it when I return to running. Hang in there! :)

  5. So much to process here.... For starters- you can do this. 6 more weeks to swim and elliptical is annoying but very DOABLE. During my recent marathon cycles I almost always did 50 mi OR LESS. Typically 5 days a week but at the start it was more like 4. I NEVER did doubles. This still got me to my 3:15. Your body may actually excel with a slightly lower mileage base and more speedwork. Maybe your main focus could be half marathons (with a yearly full of you still really wanted to work in a full). HM's don't require as much mileage in training but it is still such a great race mentally and physically. I love the faster recovery. It's not nearly as taxing to your body as a full. If you continue training for full's, I'm sure your coach can work with you on a lower mileage training plan with cross training thrown in the mix. Who knows- you may become a triathlon junkie!

    I'm sorry you are having to deal with an injury to this extent AGAIN. You are such a gifted and talented runner. I know you have so much potential to excel in EVERY race distance so hang in there and just know that your best races are still to come.

    And this may sound super cheesy so sorry in advance... Normally I do not look to Katy Perry songs for inspiration but last spring/ summer the song, "Fireworks" motivated me during my comeback. The part where she says, "We don't always know what the future holds. After the hurricane comes a rainbow." I just believed with all my heart that after my whole injury mess cleared up that my best running days were ahead and it would be better than I could imagine. So there you have it. Turn on Katy Perry's "Fireworks" and you will be fine!! : )

  6. I see the big picture- you do not. Next year and the year after and the YEARS after that you won't ever be writing posts like this! You learned very tride and true what your injury threshold was. We all have them. No doubt you can't still reach all those goals and even dream bigger with running 40-50 miles a week- What you'll do is more quality and less running! Most Runners that have a risky injury threshold run 3x weekly- so you'll likely run a tempo- easy and then a long run- and that's OK_ you can still reach all your amazing running goals.

    Have you thought about what troubles....ooops I mean adventures you might get into for the next 8 weeks to sustain you?

    Dive into those kids and hubby and work and keep Being Amazing Nicole, Gods Keeps Blessing You ♥

  7. Thinking of you a lot Nicole as you climb your way back but climb your way back, you WILL! Lots for you to process here. I know PLENTY of people who run SUPER on less mileage and more cross training!! You surely don't have to bury any dreams here!! Keep us posted with your developments!

  8. I'm sorry that you have gotten bad news from your tests. I hope that you can push through it and maybe figure out a way to make longer runs and more runs possible. I'll keep you in my prayers.

  9. I feel for you. I am injured every year for a local half. This is the 3rd year that I have missed it. I have learned some valuable lessons, and will definitely train smarter. This will only make you stronger next time around!

  10. I just found your blog and I am so sad that the first thing I read is that you're injured. I'm so sorry! I am dealing with some injury myself right now. I now how devastating stress fractures can be. I was registered and trained to run Chicago last year and didn't make it because of a stress fx. I was trained and ready to run BOSTON this year, and didn't make it because of some other mystery food injury. And now I am still trying to work on what might be plantar fasciitis. It's not fun and it just plain sucks. I'm so sorry you're dealing with this. I feel your pain... best of luck with recovery!

  11. I had a stress reaction in my femur two years ago. Luckily, my bones are strong and it was from increasing my mileage from 6 miles to 30-40 miles per week in two weeks...that being said, I became paranoid about my bone density, because I have in the past struggled with irregular/absent menses. It doesn't matter if one takes birth control (which hides the underlying cause by forcing you to have a period) or takes calcium, if one misses her periods regularly, it can (but not always) lead to osteopenia and increased risk of stress fractures (I'm a physician and have reviewed literature on this). Not saying this is why you've had stress fractures, but it is a possible cause for those who have abnormally weak bones for their age.

    Sorry about your injury. Being side-lined is the worse and so frustrating.

    1. Hi Nicole! Got your response. Sounds like this isn't the etiology of your stress fractures, didn't mean to imply that it was! I just think it's an important issue to bring awareness to, because so many people (doctors included) aren't fully aware of the consequences of abnormal menstruation in athletes, based on my discussions with other doctors and people. I know a TON of people who have dealt with this, so I just try to spread the word when I can : )

      Hope you're back at at it soon. I was off for 6 weeks from my femoral stress reaction and took about 2 weeks off just recently for what I was concerned was a possible stress reaction in my heel. If it's of any consolation, by keeping up with cross training during these frustrating times off, I was able to run a marathon 6 weeks after femur issue and a week after my heel time off. In fact, I had my second best marathon and best half marathon time just recently (after time off for the heel, which granted, was only a short time off). My point is, you'll bounce back quickly and will do awesome.

      Totally jealous of your abs, btw! ; )

    2. oh no worries..>I get it. I am like you....constantly lecturing people who are in that boat. its not safe.
      I am not birth control either, never have been so my period is the real deal...unfortunately! lol...well I shouldn't say that...I guess that means I'm healthy but STILL! a break would be nice!
      anyway..thanks for caring!;)


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