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Okay...lets start over: here's the REAL MRI results

To say this week has been a ROLLER COASTER of emotions is a HUGE understatment.
One minute I'm optimistic about my future, the next I am ready to just disappear.

Here are the results:

1. Primary stress lines in both femoral heads: 
* Concern is that I COULD be pre-osteoporatic (but lets hope not!)
-this makes me so mad b/c I take MORE supplements than anyone I know and the BEST ones in the highest, purest concentrations. it just doesn't make sense.
-I am supposed to go get a Bone density test:( Now I get to stress about degenerative disease. great.

2. Stress reaction/mild stress fracture in my femur. 
*MINIMUM of 8wks off to start...then see where we're at.
-boo. another year of the Sauvie half marathon down the drain. this will be year 3 I have missed it.
The thought of taking off AT LEAST 6 more weeks and then re-evaluate makes me feel sick right now.

3. Mild Tendonitis in both hamstrings. 
-enough said. totally awesome right?;)

So far, these are the ideas that have been thrown around:

1. I am probably not going to be able to run more than 40-50 miles a week. Ever.:(
2. I am going to have to stick to 3-4days a week running:(
3. I will have to introduce a lot more cross training.

I will sit down with John next week when he is back in town to discuss all the things we need to change.....I"m not sure what else to expect at this point.

I feel blessed that i will still be able to run, but disappointed that I will probably never get to do high mileage-Really enjoyed it. I am not sure how this will effect my chances of ever getting those fast times in the marathon if I can't put the  mileage in. it's disappointing.

For now, my plan is to: 
1. NOT gain 20lbs
2. Learn to love the eliptical and pool jogging
3. NOT fall into a deep depression the next few months.
4. TRY to let this situation turn me into a better person. 

I feel like this injury is so premature:( I was still GRATEFUL to be running everyday after my last stress fracture. i hadn't yet gotten to the place where I take it for granted. This just feels like a huge blow to my heart.

Bottom line
IT IS WHAT IT IS. Sink or swim. I choose to swim (no pun intended;)).