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well well well....New MRI DIAGNOSIS.....

So, I got the REAL diagnosis today:)


This diagnosis makes A LOT more sense for the pain i've had.
I feel GOOD about this...I think this is the BEST possible out come I could have had.
1. it's NOT  a FRACTURE, thank goodness!! less healing time
2. it's bone.it will heal and I can move on.
3. it's NOT soft tissue...the damn tendon thing was stressing me out. i don't want to deal with LONG recovery time or PT etc.

I am so happy that I KNOW what's wrong. It's strange to feel so damn HAPPY about a stress reaction lol, but I do. I'm sure this will wear off.
I am waiting to hear from John exactly how many more weeks I have to take off...but I'm hoping it s no more than 4, since I've already been off for 16 days!

SOOOOOO....here 's is my rehab plan.
It's really important to me that I am able to maintain some fitness. last year I didn't do a lot during my fibula stress fracture and I felt like I was starting over after 2 mos off. This time I am going to pool jog like a champ!

I've heard lots of testimonials about how pool jogging can help you maintain a lot of fitness.....so here's my plan!

Pool jogging 5 days a week!!! YES, and you can hold me to it!

My only concern is that i've done  nothing for 16 days and Pete Pfitzinger says

Most of the benefits of training are reversible. Your cardiovascular fitness decreases measurably after 2-3 weeks without training. Studies have shown, however, that with reduced training you can maintain your fitness at almost the same level for several months. 

I think I have already lost most of my cardio fitness and I'm not sure if I can get it BACK? I know he says I can maintain but I should have been doing this 2wks ago in order for that to work. 

regardless...it's my ONLY hope at this point!
I want to race the Sauvie half marathon on July 4! I've missed it for 2 years and I'm not missing it again!

So here's the schedule!

wish me LUCK!