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Dreaming BIG.....

I have had time to reflect since my last post..this is mostly for me to process my thoughts somewhere where I can go back and read them later.
I met with John yesterday and my Glute Medius is VERY tight....tighter than it should be by a long shot.. He did some electrical stym and did some pin and stretch which was so painful I was moaning and about jumped off the table a few times. 
He seems to think it will be OKAY...BUT today when I went to run my 12 x 200m workout, it was right back at it. Every step sent a shooting sensation down my left leg that feels like weakness. 
I felt like my leg would give out. I held back and took it easy being sure to keep my repeats between 42 and 44. We think the muscle is so tight it is putting pressure on a nerve maybe. 
I am trying to remain calm and believe that in 12 days it will be BETTER. 

I have 3 x 1 mile sprints on Friday but we're going to wait til I see him again friday to evaluate and then if i'm better I can do them Saturday. Taper is tricky b/c we don't want my legs to get stale...we are both being VERY cautious and careful about the whole thing. Pray for me please?:) thanks. 

So...assuming everything clears up and I have a good day...I am going for my A-Goal...

My A-Goal is a 3:12...why a 3:12 you ask? well.....here's a little glimpse inside my head. 
I am a dreamer. I always have been. I like to set a lofty goal and then I like to go for just a little bit more....
Intially when John asked me at the beginning of training what I wanted to aim for I said 3:15...but that was a lie....I had a bigger dream hidden inside...I wanted a 3:12...or even 3:13..both of those just sound amazing to me. 
I told him my secret desire and he said "I think you can run a 3:10"...well THAT seemed out of my league but a 3:12 or 3:13 seemed like something I would DREAM about.....and I mean DREAM. it's something SO BIG for me that if I did it, I would be AMAZED. ...and I want to Amaze myself:) I WANT it. BAD.
So...I'm going for it! I got my pace band I've been fiddling with and i'm going to do everything I can within MY power to get that 3:12....it is a 7:21 pace

Recently when I ran my 40:59 10K race, I plugged my time into the Macmillan calculator and my heart skipped a beat when it came up with a "projected" race time for the marathon of: 3:12:20!! I couldn't help but think MAYBE it was meant to be:):)

I found this picture of Dorothy when I typed in "running racing" on Pinterest!! and it fits with my post PERFECTLY! I have always felt in my heart that if I believe in ME, then others will too....

If there are obstacles out of my control then I will be okay, but I'm not giving myself a cop out quite yet. 

B Goal: sub 3:20
I would be happy with anything under 3:20...all wonderful times that I would feel pretty incredible about for my 2nd marathon....

C Goal: FINISH and break 3:30.... I think something would have to go seriously wrong to be running close to a 3:30....last year I felt like I really was ready and in shape to run a 3:15-3:20 as my debut marathon but the stress fracture and heat/dehydration really ruined the day for me. My marathon paced runs last year I was running 20 miles at a sub 7:30 average so I know I was more than capable..... too bad it didn't work out for me...

I'm feeling confident and excited about Boston. I feel like it's such a blessing to even be able to go!! I'm a little sick over the costs of the hotel for 5 days but other than that..I'm just plain EXCITED!!!
 5days in a historic city with my hubby and  no kids! VACATION!!

Okay...I will be back i'm sure 5 more times to process my bi-polar emotions before race day:)