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fighting the mental battle.... quick update!

Just a quick update..I'm hardly on here these days...you can find updates on my FB page that you can find on the right column of this blog.

so...after the quad pain got a bit better, something new developed, which I think is really just a result of the quad issue.... For the last week i've had pain/weakness shooting down my left leg with every step I take. Dr.foland has done lots of graston, stym on my quads, TFL and glutes....but it wasn't getting much better. I finally had to take 3 days off this weekend. It is just tight pissed off muscles but i'm hoping I have enough time left for them to get back to normal.
The 72 hrs this weekend of NO running combined with a  42 mile week  last week (huge drop from regular mileage) resulted in a pretty depressed state for me with lack of or rather NO endorphins coming into this body!!

I finally ran this morning and it was okay. the pain/weakness came and went but it is still there. I'm HOPING that with more rest this week i'll be ready to go come Monday morning!
Thankful for lots of prayers from friends.


I've been thinking of mantras that I will  use for boston on Monday.....here are some of the things I say to myself when i'm racing:

 "I RUN THIS BODY"! (this one is from mile posts)
"15wks of training adds up to THIS day!"
"You have 3 hrs to give it ALL you've got!"
"Be fierce!"
"Run strong!"
"fight for what you want Nicole!"
"You're not a quitter!"
"you're determined, you're strong, you're a fighter" 

I cant believe I leave in 33333333333333333 days for Boston!!!!!!!!!!

Run FAST friends!!!