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had a "moment" on my run today......

Today I slept in. Yep, started my stupid period and that explained why I was so tired.
so about 2:30pm I finally headed out for my run and I am SO glad I waited b/c by this time the frost and ice from this morning had turned into gorgeous sunlight, warmth, blue skies and a few cumulonimbus clouds.

I ran in SHORTS and a T-SHIRT and I was still warm! it was the MOST BEAUFITUFL SUNNY DAY!!!

I listened to Harry Potter the whole time as I trekked along.
Have I mentioned that I started listening to the Harry Potter series? I LOVE THEM!!! I'm SO addicted and it makes getting up at 6:30am to run outside alone so much more enticing:)
Anyway....I am running along today, feeling great and I had this "moment"....it was as if my own voice was speaking to me and it suddenly said "I am a runner. I am finally here".

You see I spent 10 plus years WANTING to be a RUNNER. Knowing I was MEANT to be a runner but not knowing where to start or how to GET THERE.

It was a special feeling. I have finally somehow made the dreams into reality.I have done it. I have worked hard, followed the voice inside and I am here. It feels so good. I feel like I am where I am suppose to be. It is not without it's daily challenges trying to raise a family, run a business and keep a husband happy who thinks my running takes up too much time:(:( and still put in the work and miles to train for a full marathon.....BUT it is worth it to me:)

we all have choices to make.
we all choose what is important to us.
My family is the MOST important to me.
but running is important too. It has become like a warm blanket in my life.
I am good at something...will I ever be the BEST? no. but will I ever be MY BEST? yes. If I keep working hard enough, I will.

I love to run. I love to race. It makes me happy. not much more to say than that I guess.....those are the feelings and thoughts on my mind today.

and thank our God for a day of beautiful sunshine. i think we all needed that:)