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Thursday, April 14, 2011

YAY for sporty swim suits!

Okay...so I decided to screw the idea of trying to fit my athletic straight figure into cute sexy swimsuits. It's just not happening Nicole, face it.
SO....I hopped onto www.athleta.com where everything is meant for SPORTY physiques:):) YaY!!
Here is the 3 piece suit I just ordered and if it actually FITS, I will be sporting it on the beaches of Maui in 6wks!!!WOOHOO!! so excited.

and you know WHAT I LOVE???!!!

Is that the model is just as flat chested as me. I think the problem is that I look at the swimsuits on models with boobs and I think OH that is SO cute!! and then It arrives and I try it on and i'm like "woah! whats with the malfunction? This does NOT look like it did in the magazine!".
yeah..I know...not their fault...it's my own dillusional fault but still. always disappointing. I have like 12 new suits in my drawer from last year and I think I only actually like myself in 1 of them.
BUT...this year is going to be DIFFERENT! I am embracing my body for what it is!! I have worked hard and am in better shape at age 32 than I was at age 22 so I hope I look good in this one!


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  1. I got an athlete swimsuit this year as well, and I am pumped! Haa.. if I have a postpartum baby, at least the swimsuit can be cute : ).


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