About me

You are my SHUNSHINE and FOOD!

That is how my 3 yr old says it.
Mommy, you sing me Shunshine song? she's so stinkin' cute and every night she wants me to sing it to her while scratching her back. she got the itchy kid syndrome that I had when I was a kid. actually I still have it.

lets talk FOOD, shall we??

Tonight we had our Tuesday night dinner. We take turns with 2 other families rotating each week making dinner for all 3 families. tonight was our turn.
I made soft tacos. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm BUT I am not "allowed" to eat white tortillas.
Have any of you tried the High Fibre, Low Carb tortillas by "La Tortilla factory?"...
they are amazing.
0g sugar
TONNES of FIBER...can't recall how much and i'm too tired to get up and go to my kitchen right now.
I pretty much eat them with everything. they are my staple for lunches and dinners. I eat my sandwiches in them, my turkey burgers etc.

When I first hired Joel to coach me, I was devastated to learn that I couldn't be the carb/sugar holic I always had been if I was going to be successful:(:( He told me flat out I needed to change my eating habits!
I am still REALLY learning alot about foods and I NEED more ideas of great things to eat as an athlete.
here are few changes I have made:
1. I don't eat yogurt anymore, too much sugar.
2. I read labels to look for sugar content.
3. I watch sugar and carbs and fibre more than calories
4. I actually try to eat 100g of protein each day now
5. my top 3 breakfasts are: oatmeal with raisins, protein enriched special K, protein shake.
Just by making these few changes, I lost 7lbs in 3wks. crazy right? I Never knew food made SUCH a huge difference!

So I want to hear from you:

1. what changes have you made to your diet in the last year?
2. what is your favorites breakfast, lunch, dinner?

what are your "eating" rules you try to follow???

p.s T- 5 wks til my MARATHON!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH