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some good news...

Here's the email I got from a doctor friend who works strictly with ATHLETES:

Glad to hear that you got some treatment started! I hope things are feeling better. Ultrasound is something you can do 2-3 times per day if you have it available. Keep icing as well and run to your comfort level. As long as the tendon isn't too painful, and as long as you're not limping, you can do some easy runs, but I wouldn't recommend any hard or long efforts till the pain is at least 70-80% better.

Sounds like this may have been prevented, and it sounds like you should have definitely stopped during your long run. But I think you'll still be fine to run the marathon. But, I would take it pretty easy this week. What's the date of your marathon again?

This type of injury is usually from repetitive use/overuse. It was probably, "in the works," and the long run on the rocky surface of Leif was the final straw. It's a kind of injury that can easily happen with the intense, high volume of training that marathon training calls for. It can be prevented though.

So, keep icing and have Steve do more US for you!

SOOOOOOOO...tomorrow or Friday I am going to try to run just 1 mile and see how it feels...plus do the Eliptical....then I am going to try to do just easy runs and see what happens!!!