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aaaahhhh...don't want to run 22 miles alone tomorrow!

Tomorrow is my first 22 miler. ....YOWZERS.
good news: I don't have to run it fast. it's an easy run..just to get in the 22 miles on soft surface.

Bad news: hmm where should I start?
1. it's supposed to be torrential rain tomorrow.
2. I am very likely running it alone:(:( and that FREAKS me out.
I am good at motivating myself for 22 miles if it's a RACE but not on rough hilly terrain in the woods alone.
if anyone out there is reading this who is willing to run 10miles with me, PM me!

feeling ANXIETY.
sigh. hate this.
I NEED to have a plan for these things or I can't sleep. I spoke to my coach earlier and we thought I could run with Becky, but she works, and now I can't get a hold of him. I don't have a plan on what time i'm running etc....and that drives me crazy. I am the kind of person that has to mentally prepare myself for a long run like this and go over it in my head before it happens.
I know. I'm a head case.

On an up note..only 28 days til my RACE!! woohoo!!