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Looks like I have Tibialis Anterior Tendonitis:(:(
and the outcome is not good.

pretty much it says I need to rest for a few WEEKS and then resume activity SLOWLY. also that I need to do physio, ultrasound, exercise, stay off my feet etc.

I think i will crawl into a hole.
I know there are other marathons but I sacrificed so much work and MONEY to train during this 10wks, My dad was coming to see me and I haven't seen him in so long and now I wont' see him at all.... and there is so much more. it's not just that I can't run.
I want to punch a wall. do you like that visualization? lol i mean really. I am just so angry and frustrated right now.

I thought I would be better in a few days but by reading the information in that link, I coudl possibly do long term damage if I try to run again.
knowing me and my stupid determination, I will probably try to run anyway....sigh.
I just don't know what to do:(