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Thursday, April 7, 2011

had a bit of a psycho breakdown!

wow. Okay....
so after the track meet, though not BECAUSE of the track meet, I had to talk to my coach. I have been feeling so worn out:( I still couldn't break 11min miles for any of my easy runs, I have been exhausted though I was sleeping. I got REALLY REALLY depressed...I mean a SUPER LOW this monday and Tuesday....sigh....it's been a LONG time since I've felt like that.

I was supposed to do my special block on Monday which was a 15-20 mile day broken into 2 runs at 90% marathon pace and then 5 miles of sprints at the end but he pulled me from it.

I came to a few realizations about where I went wrong and WHY I was feeling burnt out after 3 weeks of running and I hope I can learn from this and get back to my workouts next week without burning out again.

1. Because I was sick and missed my 2 weeks of base miles, I felt behind so I JUMPED into

my training when I could run again when I SHOULD have eased into it. The impatient Nicole got

the best of me.

2.I ran my first 16 miler too hard...then I ran my 20miler WAY too hard.

I read the other night how in training you should never run like you would in race but at the end of my 16 and 20's I was running it as HARD as I could. Like wise with my speed workouts, I was leaving myself dead. unable to do another interval.I read that you should always be able to do one more interval...but you STOP before that:) This isn't my coaches fault...I did this on my own:(. Silly Nicole

3. I stayed up WAY too late every night last week and I think maybe that caught up with me.

SO.....after 2-3 weeks of this, I was DEAD. ....which lead to a physical breakdown and MENTAL breakdown.

when I was reading it said how if you burn yourself out mid training the only way to fix it is to go BACK TO BASE MILES for 3 weeks. Obviously I don't have 3 weeks (only 6wks of training left) so my coach decided to take me off speed work this week and I have been doing EASY runs ALL week:)He said he feels confident that we can still fix this.

At first I was really mad at myself but then as I gained more perspective I realized that this is all just a learning experience. I am a brand new runner. I have A LOT to learn.

I'm sure with each new training cycle, I will learn new things. I've also learned that marathon training is alot more intense than my regular training and a 2nd marathon might have to wait til both my girls are in school b/c it is just very time consuming when I am trying to run a business and be a mother and wife.

I have been feeling a lot better and able to do my easy runs comfortably at a 8-9:15 min pace again. I still feel unusually fatigued when i'm running but at least my watch is showing I can actually run again.

I am feeling optimisitc that by OVER-compensating this week and giving my body time to recover I will be able to jump back on the band wagon next week and hopefully not have messed things up too bad.

I am also supposed to run a half marathon this weekend. I have been SO excited b/c my last half was a year ago and was 1:46:) I know I can slaughter that now but my 1/2 has fallen through and now I am trying to figure out what race I am going to run this weekend. There is the Vernonia half but it is a gradual climb from mile 6-13.....sort of annoying..wouldn't be my best time but might have to bight the bullet and do it. I wanted to do the corvallis half but it's sold out:( blah...if you know anyone doing it who wants to sell me there bib, I'll take it!! My friend Becky is running it so the whole team will be there already.


that is why I haven't been around much. I spent Monday and Tuesday hiding in my house and bawling my eyes out miserable. Not b/c of this, just because. Wish I knew WHY?? Have been feeling like an emotional basket case. it is NOT COOL. I better not be PREGNANT! lol...I kid, I kid....gosh...that would be extra NOT COOL:):)

So happy Thursday everyone!!! keep those legs moving!



  1. oh my...and when we spoke earlier, it was all about me! what a bad friend I am! I am glad you are feeling better now. And yes, please take it easy! Your competitiveness is sooo strong, I love it, but remember to take care of yourself!

  2. I know where you're coming from!! It's all too familiar but **remember** that video from my post this week...it's all mental and your body is a pretty amazing machine. Be EASY on yourself and back down mentally, being more kind to yourself as well as having the confidence to know that even if the training hasn't been going as well as expected, you can pull it off with your will and base training(even though it wasn't perfect). There is an amazing POST from last week(?)about a local triathlete who really slows it all down until race day because all of this training can be SO intense. You can do it though...check out California Training by Beth Walsh. Look for the post on how/why she runs less than you'd think!
    Be confident, you ROCK!!

  3. Meg, THANK YOU! I love her blog! so helpful! and yes I agree...the MIND will carry you so much further than you think! thanks for the reminder!!! xx

  4. oh great to hear that the vernonia is a gradual climb at the end. Lovely. Good sign that i shouldn't race it race but use it as a workout. :) Glad you are feeling better and good luck on your race this weekend!


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