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Monday, April 4, 2011

Adrenal Fatique? what do you know?....

My husband just got en email from a former school mate who is a Natural Path. She said by reading my facebook she thinks I have "Adrenal Fatique". I CAN relate to alot of the symptoms when I looke them up but they could also be symptoms of many things. Before I contact her, I was curious if any of you know anything about this? have had it or known someone who has? thanks for the help!


  1. hi! I have a comment about this, I went to a naturopath last year...but I will call you to talk to you about it...

  2. nicole- popping in to check out your blog and catch up. i had adrenal fatigue per my chiro/naturopath about 2 years ago when i first was flying (the stress of the job, the hours, etc) - and took some adrenal pills by Tori Hudson (a local naturopath) which is a lot like vitamin b's and you can find it at new seasons. we can talk more if you'd like. btw - you are my inspiration, i love hearing your updates. stay strong, momma! - lindsay


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