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Friday, April 15, 2011

22 Miler and drug free child birth = injury

You might be wondering about the title of my blog post?
well...let me tell you. I saw some major similarities between the two today.

3.5yrs ago I endured 12hrs of hard labour to birth this beauty....

she was 10lbs 4 oz and 22" long and gave me the surprise of my life! Pretty much I birthed a 2mo old LOL. no joke. I was the talk of the hospital for a week, apparently. I wanted to experience natural child birth so badly and it was the most amazing experience of my life but I had no idea I was about to birth a 10lb baby either!!

well, my run today was similar in difficulty. As with my labour when I hit about 8cm I knew there was no going back, somehow this baby was coming out and I was doing it by myself!. and I didn't know I had 4 more hours to go:(:(
I hit about mile 18 today and realized I was experiencing A LOT of pain and still had 6 miles to go.

I imagined my 22 miler as hard but a delightful experience......it was an easy pace long run.
I did not imagine running it in POURING rain for over 3hrs, being drenched to the bone and running it on Hilly, rocky terrain:(:(
I have expressed my dislike about Leif Erikson before b/c it is REALLY rocky lately and I have had pain in my feet after running long distances on there before but today just did me in.

I ran 10.5 miles (5.25 up and 5.25 down) and then met Joel and had to run another 10 with him and finish the last 1.5 on my own.

by mile 18 I was starting to feel alot of quad pain but worse this pain in my tibialis anterior tendon:( it is that tendon/connected to muscle that flexis when you pull your foot up like you're going to stretch your calf.

I told Joel but he said I was fine...I should have listened to my gut instinct...not that there was anything I could do at that point...it was too late...there was no way off this stinkin trail but to run 6 miles back:(:(

the last 2 miles were the most excruciating pains I have ever felt running. I had such a deep back ache in my lower back that felt EXACTLY like back labor and I KNOW what back labor feels like! by this point I wasn't enjoying running anymore:(

I think part of it is that my race through things off this week.

-I ran a hard half marathon on Sunday

-did a HARD hill workout on the treadmill less than 48hrs ago. infact I ran 15 mile on Wednesday:(

-and then this.

I should have ideally ran my 22 tomorrow but i have to work so I was left with no choice but to do it today.

By the time I drove home I could hardly walk:(:( I took a hot bath which helped a bit and now i'm limping around. Steve has wrapped my foot up for compression and immobilization but I am not allowed to run til it's better. each week I am missing my mileage marks by A LOT. this week should have been 55-60 and now will only be 48:( sigh. oh well. what can I do.

Next friday is my BIGGEST run. It's my 20 miler with 2 miles easy and 18 miles at Marathon pace...so I REALLY hope I heal quickly. only 27 days left to train and be ready to go.

I am a bit frustrated I won't lie but I also KNOW that my mind is powerful and I believe with all my heart I will be back to running by monday or Tuesday:):)

So...I DID IT! I ran 22 miles in 3hrs and 9min, through pain and anguish and CRAPPY weather. it is done. YAY!


  1. 10 lbs. 4oz.!!!! You should get a medal for that! Holy smack-OUCH!!! She's a cutie:) Congrats on the 22. Hope the leg heals up quick and you're back at it soon!

  2. Dang 12 hours birthing a 10 lb baby...I'm so not ready for that yet! You are an amazingly tough lady! Yikes! But it looks like it was well worth it, she is a beautiful girl! My goodness, her face is radiating with joy. She is a doll.

    My legs have been feeling quite stiff this week too, which I assume is because of my race. Running through the week after a race is always difficult but hopefully after your next day off your legs will be rejuvinated! Thats what I'm hoping for myself.

    Congrats on the distance. You may not feel like it right now, but your body IS GETTING STRONGER!!!

  3. I agree with Jenn....HOly Smack!! I thought natural childbirth was hard enough with my 7lb baby!!! Sorry to hear about this Nicole. I stopped running on Leif for this reason...it just seems awful right now...maybe all that rain! :( Hope you're resting up and staying positive.

  4. Don't have a word to say about childbirth, but plenty about 22 in yesterday's weather. YIKES! Yesterday was seriously nasty! You do 22 in that and you can do a marathon in just about any weather!

  5. Child birth-related injuries or trauma usually happen during transit through the birth canal.

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