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Stop being such a grump!!!!!

I feel like such crap lately. Grumpy grump McGrumper!! I need to snap out of it. I have no energy. My runs have been so challenging this week that it has made me feel so slow and discouraged. I just started my period today so I am sure that part of my crappy attitude is pms but I am just not myself lately:(. I find myself comparing myself to others and feeling like everyone is doing more than me and that I am so behind:(. I have this yucky discouraging fearful feeling that I am just going to flop at Boston:(. Let's face it, my first marathon was not exactly a great race and I so badly wantto experience a GOOD marathon. And this doesn't necessarily have to mean the time but I want to feel good an strong. Anyway, I am no sure why I am so down on myself lately but I really need a pep talk!!! Grrr. I know I am not the only runner who goes through these crappy times, how do you snap out of it when you feel like this??? I know if I can't get my head in the game by Saturday this half marathon will be pointless. Running is definitely 95% mental for me. I got 6 days. I am hoping this is all hormone related and things feel better in a few days. Thanks for listening to my vent! Sometimes you just need to get these things off your chest ya know?