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battle wounds, nothing inspired, and a date night!

I really prefer to write when I am feeling super pumped about something! a great run, an ephiphany...SOMETHING...but I can't think of anything super exciting to share tonight. I am writing, however, because my husband went to his office to write up a few letters for work and I have FREE time on my hands! lol.
OH...AND b/c I want to wish everyone running tomorrow Good luck!! I know Dorothy and Amanda are! who else? for all of you running....GOOD LUCK! and I mean that. RUN YOUR HEARTS OUT!
I am so excited! I love to cheer people on from home:):)

SO...battle wounds....
I had the surgery on Thursday morning and haven't been allowed to run since.
Running helps curb my terrible eating cravings a bit...for example, in the last 2 days since i HAVE'NT run. I've eaten:
Thursday: After surgery went to FIVE Guys..(SO YUMMY!) and ate a cheese burger and fries.
Friday  night: went to cheese cake factory and ate: tex meg egg rolls (deep fried), pasta with cream sauce and cheese cake (not to mention the bread they bring you, which we got 3 servings of!)

(me with my adorable husband. he was SO tired, what a trooper for coming out with me for a date night:)) 

Saturday : 5 ginger snap cookies for breakfast....left over cheese cake, more cookies (snickerdoodles) later and so on. (why does everyone bring you cookies at once??!! i didn't make ANY of these delicious little snacks)

REALLY? who does this? Thank GOODNESS I have good metabolism. I am embarassed for telling you all that. pretty sick huh? and i'm sure I missed something else.
Why does my brain think when I have a few days off of running that I am allowed to eat like I just ran 5 consecutive marathons???!!!

Last night, Friday, at the Cheesecake factory, it was a marathon celebration for Helen who ran 2:51 in Chicago. I did her makeup and she looked SO pretty! I LOVE doing my friends makeup:)

(Helen and Joel)

I also got to meet Michelle from Runn Princess Runn!!! she is so sweet and I loved meeting her! if you haven't checked out her blog, do so! she is SUPER inspiring!!!!
(Michelle, her daughter, me, Helen)

It was a fun night! congrats Helen!!

Okay, back to the SURGERY.... they stuck A LOT of needles in my leg to NUMB it...then inserted a fiber into my leg near my knee up to my groin. THEN turned it on and literally burned the main saphenous vein as they pulled it out. A few times they hit a spot that wasn't numb and I screamed! SO PAINFUL!. It made me think about people who get tortured. I know, sick, but it's true. I was so thankful they shut it off to do more numbing as soon as they heard me yelling in pain.
anyway...here's a pic I snapped of my thigh with all the friggin needle pricks. sick. the numbing was the worst part, it seemed to take forever!
The SAD part for me is that my actual vericose veins probably wont' go away. This surgery was just to FIX the CAUSE of the problem by shutting off the hose so to speak. Now in 3-6mos I have to go back and they will manually inject each yucky puffy bulgy vein. Oh and take another $1-2,000 of my money:( boo.

I am walking around in compression hose that are SO TIGHT I have to use RUBBER GLOVES to get them on. I kid you not. it's pretty awesome. they make me itchy.
I can't cross my legs either b/c that hurts.
The doctor told me it would be about 5-7 days before I would feel comfortable to run...I'm hoping to run by tuesday b/c I have a half marathon in exactly 14 days...not the best time to take a week off! geesh. bad planning on MY part. oh well...not the end of the world.

well, that's it folks...off to bed and excited to track some runners tomorrow! if you're racing tomorrow, let me know so I can track you too!!!!