About me

Behind the 8 ball....

what does this saying mean? does it mean I am behind...on LIFE? cause if so then it is the perfect title for this post.
I have not posted though I have a lot I could post about...just DON'T have time:(
too busy with work, running and KIDS. I feel too guilty to get on here during the day when i should be spending time with them and too guilty at night when I should be spending time with my husband or answering brides emails. just haven't found a chunk of time when I could blog:(:(

anyway..Long story short:

There are some AWESOME blog posts out there right now and I have SO MUCH TO SAY to them...just havne't had time. be paitent, I promise I will get around to to commenting!!!

My LEG is just feeling tired. Still SUPER BRUISED on the inside and all of my runs this week have felt ....like I'm dragging heavy bricks. I'm a bit pissed at myself for doing this surgery so close to my race. I didn't expect any of this...
Have ZERO expectations now for my half marathon in 1 week b/c I'm finding paces in the 8-9min range challenging and fatiguing since this surgery. it is sort of infuriating.

anyway...will post a REAL blog soon:)