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Dear "Anonymous", ...

Dear Anonymous,

This is in response to your comment on my last post this morning.

Firstly, I wish you would stop hiding behind this "anonymous" tag and tell us all who you are:

1. If you really thought your comments were of some benefit to me and you had no ill-intention, you wouldn't be hiding your identity. So this tells me you are a coward, immature, insecure and probably jealous.

2. Your comments in no way make me feel badly about myself. Sorry.

3. I am not seeking praise, I get all the praise, love and support I need from my REAL friends and family.

Now, to those who ARE my friends and acquaintances, this is for you, ONLY b/c I would never want to offend any of you or give you the wrong impression.

If my post DID come across as seeking praise, I am sorry. That is HONESTLY not what I intended.
The point I was trying to stress, mostly to myself, b/c my blog is really just me talking out loud to myself is this:

MOST of my running friends HAVE been running for years. Most of them since their college days and some since their highschool days. In my mind, this makes me a very new runner. I took my first steps 2.5yrs ago. HOWEVER, I never have had a BASE.

My doctor and coach have also reiterized to me that I am a New runner, and therefore I have to be more careful b/c my body doesn't have the years of adaption to running yet.

And THIS was the point I was trying to make.
Lately, I have learned a lot from coaches and doctors about the IMPORTANCE of having a base .....My doctor told me he doesn't let a runner do a marathon until they have a 12-18month base under their belt. WE think this is why I got a stress fracture.
When I hired Joel, I hadn't even run for 3mos and the 5 mos before that was only m/w/f about 6 miles each and before that, nothing again for months.
SO...I did like a few weeks base and then moved into training.

MY POINT of my last post was that I think it would be REALLY beneficial for me to have
3-6mos of base running before I jump back into speed work, tempo runs, long marathon runs etc.
I sort of need to go BACKWARDS bc I jumped into things very quickly.

So, I'm REALLY sorry If I offended any of you who I love and care about. It was not my intention at all.