About me

4 yrs ago today......

I was as BIG as a HOUSE!

41 wks pregnant (7 days overdue:))
No Joke....it looks like I shoved a basketball up my shirt!

My pregnancy with Erika was a very special one.... and I dreamed and planned the whole time to have a natural birth. My experience with megan was not a good one. 23 hrs of labour, 3plus hours of pushing only to end in an episiotomy, 4th degree tears and a vacuum to get her out. It was horrible and I couldn't even roll over in bed unassisted for 4 days:(
So, this pregnancy I had a dream of experiencing a beautiful Natural birth and see my body do what it was made to do. What God had created it to do. I wanted it more than ANYTHING!

I prayed and prayed, read the hypno birthing book, listened to my birth affirmations everyday without fail...and then waited.....

Erika was a lovely 11 days late. LONGEST. 11. DAYS. OF. MY . LIFE.
Finally on the eve of Oct 25th, contractions started....mild...at 4am I woke up and told Steve this was it!
They were coming strong. we called our midwife clinic to find out the hospital was full. :/
They informed me I would have to go to a different hospital and deliver with someone I didn't know.
I felt calm b/c I knew that The Lord had heard my prayers. They found me a midwife and off we went to Legacy Emanuel.

I will never forget Steve making me laugh on the way there and me begging him to stop b/c every giggle HURT! I was nervous and excited but Knew I was about to experience something magical.....and magical I did:)
we arrived at about 5am and I was 5cm.
I hoped labour would go quickly but apparently my babies like to take their time. I stayed in the tup for 2hrs from 6-8 at which point I was only 7cm.

It was so peaceful to labour with just my husband. When I climbed into bed at 7cm the nurse rubbed my back continually as I had back labour. Steve continued to speak soft words to me and help me keep my body relaxed. I was doing it. I was labouring naturally and it was an incredible experience. With each contraction, I just breathed. It hurt so much, but I was managing it. I was doing it. I felt strong.

When I got to 10cm at 12pm, It was time to push. I was SO happy b/c I was DONE. I FULLY expected to push 3 times and be done.

After 45min I started asking "WHY isn't she coming OUT?!"....(at this point I was screaming like a banshee with every push and we had tried every position possible-the best was me squatting, buck naked, holding on to the over head bars-sorry no pictures of that). The poor midwife, who I might add was the HUGEST blessing and best fit for my personality!, kept saying " I don't know??".....
Well after 90min of pushing....Little Erika Brooke Wagner finally made her appearance!! Turns out her shoulder was stuck on my pelvis bone b/c she was so big. She also had tortecolis from being so cramped in there for so long. she went to physical therapy for 6wks to be able to stretch out her neck muscles. poor girl!

Anyway, I was instantly IN LOVE and instantly realized she looked exactly the same as MY new born pictures:) (and I wasn't cute-lol)...she was fat and pink and so so so cute!!!

After a few minutes I heard whispers from the nurses......"she looks like a big baby...."...
'Hmm....she does look big.....I bet she's 8lbs!' I say....
Oh no...ladies....
oh no..... I was wrong....

My little Mooshy weighed in at 10lbs 4oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, 22 inches long, and 14 /34 " head (that is nothing new...megans' head was the same size! NOT normal! I blame this on my husband! lol).

To say I was in shock was an understatement.

She was my miracle baby. Every doctor would look at my 105lb frame and tell me it was impossible to birth a baby of that size, but I did it. My body DID what GOD made it to DO! To this day, it is one of the greatest miracles of my life.

She had size 2 feet and couldn't even fit into the newborn diapers:) Seriously...this girl new how to make an entrance;)

I have never felt such a love as I do for this little girl. She is a mini-me in every way which gives me a very deep connection with her. I love her more than I could ever put into words. She has changed my life and she challenges me every day with her very spicy sweet personality.
Thank you Moosh for making me the happiest mommy in the world!

Happy 4th Birthday!!!

getting my vitals checked.
Laboring in bed between 7 and 10cm....I stayed like this for 4hrs:)
My BEAUTIFUL baby Moosh is here!!!!!!
There's the proof! lol....what a chunker!
and NO I didn't have GD. I took A LOT of fish oil and it makes babies bigger. true story.
she was ridiculously healthy and had none of the problems they suspected for a big baby:)

Sweet Megan coming to meet her new sister!
I love this. 2 days old:)
growing...4 mos' old:)
First Lollypop!!!

first birthday!

Age 22mos with big sister Megan:)
2nd birthday!
3rd Birthday!
Last month at the beach:)
I love my crazy girl!!!
I'm so blessed to be your mommy!!