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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Surgery tomorrow, 40 miles in 4 days...and new boston jacket....

Wow...I am really busy the last few days so this is going to be a quick post. I apologise in advance for spelling mistakes...fragmented sentences etc!

Okay...so TOMORROW morning, I am finally gettting surgery to get rid of these bad boys:

I developed vericose veins after baby number 1...but they got REALLY bad after Erika...she was 10lbs 4 oz and did some serious damage to my body. I am SO excited to get rid of them!!! I hate them. It is a genetic issue. my mom and sisters have them too. I have Venus Reflux which means my valve at the top of my leg/groin area doesn't open and shut properly causing un wanted pressure in the leg and forcing it out into smaller veins which them bulge creating vericose veins.
I will be there for 4 hours and get to have local anesthetic injected all the way up my leg...not sure how many needles that will be ...but NOT looking forward to it!

Becuase of THIS...I don't think they will allow me to run til at least Monday.....
SO....I can't run the 5K on Saturday....disappointed about that...but there will be other races.

I HAVE however been trying to figure out how to get some miles in this week. Last week was my biggest week so far at 50 miles!! (WOOHOO) and I didnt' want to drop down to 20 or 30 this week...SO, being the crazy neurotic OCD runner I am, I decided I wanted to try to fit in 40 miles in 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes...it's sounding a bit retarded right now when my legs are so tired..but they will have quite a few days to recover so I'm trying to suck it up!

Monday: 13
Tuesday: 7.5
Wednesday: 12.5
total: 33 miles...
SO tomorrow the PLAN is to get up EARLY and get in those last 7 miles before my surgery at 9am....hopefully I can DO IT!

the 12.5 mile run today was supposed to be 14 or 15 BUT I was late and ran out of time. I ran with a new friend and she took me on a run that was uphill for the first 6.5 miles ...my calves are SCREAMING at me right now so this 7 miles might NOT happen in the morning, but I will try:)

Oh...and here is my cute new Boston Qualifier jacket that Adidas put out. I felt kinda weird buying a jacket that said that b/c I don't want people thinking that is why I bought it...but I seriously LOVED the colors and the style so I figured I might as well b/c I will get lost of wear out of it in Rainy Portland:):)
it's pretty darn snazzy!
(The picture doesn't do it justice..it's WAY cuter in person!-with jeans;))


  1. bah, I love that jacket!!

    I hope your surgery goes well!!

  2. Girl who cares why you bought that jacket, you deserve the title so wear it proudly. Praying for a quick and painless surgery and recovery for you.

  3. Oh and 40 miles in 4 days is doable, just keep your nutrition right!

  4. Love the jacket on you!! And Good luck with that surgery girl! Oh, and Wow on the miles!! You are probably feeling in the best shape ever right now! Awesome! Way to have dedication.

  5. Love the jacket!!! Wear it with pride :) Good luck tomorrow will be praying for you! Let us know how you are when you can. Big Hugs!

  6. Love the jacket- I have the same one! ;-)

    Hope the surgery goes well. One of my sisters has developed really bad varicose veins on her legs during her pregnancy. She is about to have her second baby and she has already said she is DEFINITELY planning on doing something about it. She won't wear shorts at all right now and wears compression socks or leggings with EVERYTHING. (She is a runner too and did not have any circulation problems with her first pregnancy.)

  7. I am super glad you are having the surgery. Hope you can be back to running again ASAP. Better to do it now than in march!! :))

    The jacket is RAD. I looked at the same style before and love the yellow and blue. Just can't do white with my coffee dependency and 3 kids 6 and under. ;)

    Great mileage this week girl!!

  8. Love the jacket! So glad you chose to do Boston this year.

    I thought in the past they actually cut the veins out, but nowadays injected them with something to make them collapse?

    Hope it goes smoothly! (Stupid pun intended :)

  9. I love the jacket. you should be proud to wear it dear.

    I have the same vein problems as you. Also thanks to my parents. They are so painful. I have an appt with the surgeon in 10 days. I hope this procedure goes well and I hope you will post about it. I am curious to know how it is. I am pretty sure my ins will not cover the cost of the procedure. no DVT history. They hurt and they hare so ugly. I want them gone. In the heat it is much worst and I live in Southern California! boo
    I am curious about how many days off you will have to take also..

    Ok all the best and please a post surgery post for me!!!

  10. shooot I wrote a comment and now it is gone...


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