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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Stop being such a grump!!!!!

I feel like such crap lately. Grumpy grump McGrumper!! I need to snap out of it. I have no energy. My runs have been so challenging this week that it has made me feel so slow and discouraged. I just started my period today so I am sure that part of my crappy attitude is pms but I am just not myself lately:(. I find myself comparing myself to others and feeling like everyone is doing more than me and that I am so behind:(. I have this yucky discouraging fearful feeling that I am just going to flop at Boston:(. Let's face it, my first marathon was not exactly a great race and I so badly wantto experience a GOOD marathon. And this doesn't necessarily have to mean the time but I want to feel good an strong. Anyway, I am no sure why I am so down on myself lately but I really need a pep talk!!! Grrr. I know I am not the only runner who goes through these crappy times, how do you snap out of it when you feel like this??? I know if I can't get my head in the game by Saturday this half marathon will be pointless. Running is definitely 95% mental for me. I got 6 days. I am hoping this is all hormone related and things feel better in a few days. Thanks for listening to my vent! Sometimes you just need to get these things off your chest ya know?


  1. If it makes you feel any better the week of my last half marathon I felt like crap, my runs were crappy, I felt blah and was thinking I was going to tank on the race. I didn't though I got a new PR and felt the best I have ever felt running a half marathon. Good luck! I will be thinking of you!

  2. Ugh. Yes, we all go through these stages. Try to relax. I know it's hard. You are stressing about "flopping" Boston already?!? Now you are stressing me out! Ha. That race is in 6 months. Plenty of time to mentally and physically prepare. When I am feeling burned out and down on myself, I try to take some running time off - maybe a week - and focus on Yoga, get a massage and make my plan to get back on track.

  3. Let it all out!!! That is totally ok! This week was a rough week for me too....I (along with everyone) got sick this week. Getting sick always sets me back quite a bit. Don't beat yourself up!

    Get Up & Go

  4. Hey girl! I'm thinking of you RIGHT now! I understand this little slump-I'm somewhat joining you in it. Peaks and valleys and this is just a valley....Keep your head up! Keep pluggin' away. You're a RUNNER. You know too well by now that all it takes is ONE good unexpected mile to turn the tables entirely, right!! You could feel like Sh*t for 2 weeks but all of a sudden a single run can make you feel like you could conquer the world. Don't quit chasing that!! Sometimes those great miles or great runs come on days we least expect....

    And for the record, you WILL flop at Boston if you believe you'll flop there. I personally believe you could absolutely SOAR there though and I would really like you to prove me right:)

  5. I understand! I have a half this Saturday too and I am suddenly questioning my months of training. This will be my first half since my stress fracture so I feel like I have a lot to prove to myself. Am I ready? Can I maintain the pace I want to maintain?

    I'm sorry this isn't much of a pep talk! You just had your leg surgery so I'm sure that was why last week was so tough- mentally and physically. This week you will be stronger and you will get your focus back.

    I'll be thinking positive thoughts for you & me this Saturday! :-)

  6. I love what others have said here. I am not so great with words, but i can say that the evidence suggests MANY women have their best races the week following the one you are having.
    Put your head in!! You will do great!! I'd love to see you walk away with an award :)

  7. Wow, so many great comments here. Nicole, take the pressure off!! YOU ARE ENOUGH just as you are. there is only one Nicole and comparing or not feeling like you're good enough or strong enough is only going to cause you to NOT be the best YOU can be...not anyone else. Where is that Nicole that I ran with at the Best Dam run a few weeks ago? You had the pressure off and you were amazing! You kept it fun and didn't feel like you HAD to do anything and you did more than you expected. so easy to say but so hard to do ...I know. You are enough just where you are at. Just go out there and do whatever you feel like doing...enjoy RUNNING for running. enjoy Boston for Boston. In fact part of me thinks that you should just log the miles, do the work, set the goals (just with yourself and maybe not even tell anyone), keep it light and pressure free while still training hard and kind of treat it like a training run...just run and enjoy being fast and picking people off and seeing friends and eating good food. And I guarantee you that you will run faster than if you put so much pressure on yourself and get so wrapped up in all the mental pressure that comes from feeling like you have to live up to some lofty number. Forget the numbers.. run with your heart and for the pure enjoyment of it...you seem to thrive off of that. Love you!

  8. I totally have weeks like this. Well, one week each month to be exact. I just read a quote that said. " Running is mental, we are all insane."


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