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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First and last workout....and MAJOR Internal conflict about this upcoming race limits...

Lets do a little running and workout post about the last week:)
This was last week..... miles time pace
local neighborhoods
Easy8.0 mi1:15:009:23
downtown waterfront
Easy6.0 mi57:009:30
downtown waterfront
Easy10.0 mi1:24:518:30
spring water trail
Easy9.0 mi1:14:308:17
local neighborhoods
Easy7.0 mi54:237:47
local neighborhoods
Easy7.0 mi1:10:0010:00
Week of my surgery. Got my 40 miles in 4 days in!!!!
local neighborhoods
Easy7.0 mi1:01:548:51
NW Thurman to terwilliger Hill to ....and back
Easy12.5 mi1:41:008:05
local neighborhoods
Easy7.5 mi1:10:009:20
local neighborhoods
Easy3.0 mi31:0010:20
downtown waterfront
Easy10.0 mi1:22:338:16

John, My new coach, specifically told me to "SLOW DOWN". He keeps telling me that his challenge with me is going to be keeping me from pushing too hard. It's true, It really is like an addiction..if I get the need to run fast when I'm out there, I do it...even when I KNOW it's not good for me!! I can't stop myself and It is really beginning to annoy myself.
So as you can see I took last week pretty easy:)

I asked John what I should do this week before my Half Marathon on Saturday. This is the FIRST week he has given me anything. I have been doing my own thing for the last while with just light guidance about increasing my mileage.
So this week I had
Monday: 7 easy
then Yesterday, Tuesdsay, was the First real workout I have had given to me...and the last for this race:)

8 miles with 2 warm up,
4 at 7-7:10 pace,
and 2 cool down.
I felt nervous going into this and extremely UN-confident. I had to talk to myself the whole time those 1st 2 miles to build myself up.
My ipod died before mile 2 so it was just me and the spring water trail:)
Mile 3: 7:08
Mile 4: 6:56
Mile 5: 6:44
Mile 6: 6:47
cool down.....

I was NOT trying to run sub 7's but everytime i tried to slow down, I would slow WAY down...I could not find a 7:-7:10 pace to save my life so I stopped looking at my watch and ran by feel. I felt REALLY good when I was done and WAY more confident about my abilities right now. My legs did not feel tired running these til the last 1/2 mile.

John was very nice but made it clear that AGAIN, I did not stick to the plan (he has advised me on running too fast a few times already). I felt so bad and a bit like a failure. WHY can't I just stick to the plan? why do I always push too hard?:( it is such a huge dilemma within me. ....and I'm coming from a coach who let me run as hard as i possibly could in workouts....though I don't think that was necessarily a good thing now...it is what I am used to.

Okay....so here's the deal. ...
John texts me today and asks " So in the back of your mind, what have you been thinking you want to run for saturday?"
I told him my dream goal was to get as close to my 1:32:18 PR as possible but realistic goal was 1:34-:135.

He told me that he wants me to hold 7:15 for the first 10 miles. and that I am NOT to go any faster than that! then the last 5K I can give it everything I got.
I told him that I had the feeling my body would want to run more like 7:08-7:15 range and he basically said no.

I am having an INTERNAL FIT right now!!!
I know myself, I am EXTREMELY competitive when I get out there! I paid for this race, am driving 2 hrs and I WANT to RACE!!! If I feel good running 7 min miles, I want to do it!!, if some girl is passing me and I know I'm not racing at my full potential, I will go CRAZY!!!

ON the OTHER hand, I know that John knows what he's doing. He told me this isn't the big picture and to save it for another race:( I want Him to know that I CAN listen to him and not be some un-ruley annoying athlete who cannot be coached b/c she asks for help and advice and coaching and then doesn't listen.

I KNOW I can run faster than a 1:34, so how the heck am I going to force myself to run slower than my potential, even if it's whats best for me right now?

I feel like I need to practice trust in my coach and humility....but this is so hard.... I want to throw a big 2 yr old trantrum right now instead.

My ONLY hope is I could run 7:13's (he told me I could have 2 seconds leeway) and then TRY to run 6:45's the last 3 miles....but I feel like that would be harder than running 7:05-7:10's consistently. sigh.....

So there it is!
Nicole is NOT getting her way and she is acting like a 2yr old!

This is going to take a few days to process.....this is SO out of my comfort zone.....


  1. Dude, even if you ran 7:13's for the first 10 and then ran sub 7's for the last three, you'd get a 1:34...I think this is a smart plan and he is probably going off of how he knows you are such a strong finisher. I guarantee you that you have what it takes to bust out an amazing 5k at the end of this race if you ran 7:13s. Amazing! You have a great base built up and I have so much confidence in you that you can run a stellar race! Just go out at 7:13 and maintain and then as soon as 10 comes...bam, race on! This sounds like a smart plan and one that might set you up well. But I can see the frustration. Maybe make a deal with him that you'll hold on to 7:15s for the first 8 and then it is game. :) I think you easily have a 1:32 or better in you.

    I'm so excited to see you train for Boston!

    I'm going to try to hold on to those slower base/easy runs and keep it slow and at the target paces set for me by my plan. This new plan is a bit different from my old plan but I'm going to trust it and Waylon is willing to write my plan and share what he learns. Yay!

    Chat with you tomorrow!

  2. Internal competitiveness is one of the most difficult obstacles to back down! For the most part I find it a wonderful characteristic because it is that inner fire that allows you to succeed in life. That being said - taking this race at an easier pace than you are capable of is going to set your body in a nice position for upcoming races and BOSTON! Going a little slower is not going to show any weakness on your part; but how STRONG you are to listen to your coach's advice on what YOUR body needs right now. Either way - I hope you have a fun race lady! =D

  3. Perhaps you could reframe your thinking around so that you use this race to build patience, patience that you will absolutely need in order to run a good marathon. I think your coach is trying to protect your from injury here. You have not done any speed work in a while now, except the 4 miler this past week. Running a HM all out all the way would be risky for your right now. I bet he'll have you run another HM before Boston, and you;ll easily go sub 1:30 over there. Why rush things now? If you only race the last 5K, you will most definitely be passing lots of people, so it will be satisfying your racing needs, too. Also, I think your coach is really trying to set you up to have a successful racing experience; you are close to starting Boston training, and mentally it will not be good for you to start training after perhaps starting too fast in the HM race and slowing down/crushing and burning at the end (not saying that would happen, but it could).
    Good luck!

  4. I think you have some pretty good advice on this from Amanda and Ana Marie. you are so fast and I get that you hate to run slower than what you believe and know your body can do, but I bet your coach has good reasons for trying to reign you in. Good luck! I think you are amazing fast and so inspiring!

  5. thanks Ladies!! You are all right. Ana-Maria...what you said really hit home, so thanks. I am going to use this to learn PATIENCE b/c it's true..in Boston, I will need patience and will have to save energy for those hills at mile 17 on... thanks ladies....I'm excited to see how this goes.....
    Amanda...only concern is...what if I don't have a strong finish?.....in my head it still seems easier to run 5-10 seconds per mile faster consistently than to run the last 3 20-30 seconds faster..that just sounds SO HARD!....

  6. Nicole- I love that you HAVE a coach. What a resource! He sounds like a smart guy and I am glad to see that you are running so well. Definitely agree with The comments on patience, as well as being conservative NOW so that you can learn whatever it is he is trying to teach you. Have you asked him why he wants you to run that pace?? I would like to know his reasons. As the person who is being coached, it might help you too.

    Seriously hoping you have a fantastic race, Nicole!! Wish I could be there :)

  7. you sound EXACTLY like my husband right now! i'm trying my best to coach him and these are the exact conversations that we are having right now.

    But you know your body better then anyone else could, and that is what makes it tricky. So lets say you run the first 10 @ 7:13 and you feel amazing, that means that your last 5k you will have so much juice left in those legs that sub 7 miles will just naturally flow out of those legs. There really is no question that you will run close to your PR, but he did bring up a really good point...that the BIG PICTURE is so much more important then what our egos tell us. Maybe ask yourself which is most important to you right now, and then go from there.

    You need to give yourself some credit! You are an awesome runner and an awesome person, one race will not define you as a person. This is just a starting point for you right now, and there will be lots more races down the road.

    I think you should just go into that race and have fun girl! Do what you do best and enjoy ever moment of it!

  8. You are speedy!!! I wish that I was that fast. Looking forward to hearing about your Boston training. You will do awesome!


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