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Friday, October 7, 2011

Dear "Anonymous", ...

Dear Anonymous,

This is in response to your comment on my last post this morning.

Firstly, I wish you would stop hiding behind this "anonymous" tag and tell us all who you are:

1. If you really thought your comments were of some benefit to me and you had no ill-intention, you wouldn't be hiding your identity. So this tells me you are a coward, immature, insecure and probably jealous.

2. Your comments in no way make me feel badly about myself. Sorry.

3. I am not seeking praise, I get all the praise, love and support I need from my REAL friends and family.

Now, to those who ARE my friends and acquaintances, this is for you, ONLY b/c I would never want to offend any of you or give you the wrong impression.

If my post DID come across as seeking praise, I am sorry. That is HONESTLY not what I intended.
The point I was trying to stress, mostly to myself, b/c my blog is really just me talking out loud to myself is this:

MOST of my running friends HAVE been running for years. Most of them since their college days and some since their highschool days. In my mind, this makes me a very new runner. I took my first steps 2.5yrs ago. HOWEVER, I never have had a BASE.

My doctor and coach have also reiterized to me that I am a New runner, and therefore I have to be more careful b/c my body doesn't have the years of adaption to running yet.

And THIS was the point I was trying to make.
Lately, I have learned a lot from coaches and doctors about the IMPORTANCE of having a base .....My doctor told me he doesn't let a runner do a marathon until they have a 12-18month base under their belt. WE think this is why I got a stress fracture.
When I hired Joel, I hadn't even run for 3mos and the 5 mos before that was only m/w/f about 6 miles each and before that, nothing again for months.
SO...I did like a few weeks base and then moved into training.

MY POINT of my last post was that I think it would be REALLY beneficial for me to have
3-6mos of base running before I jump back into speed work, tempo runs, long marathon runs etc.
I sort of need to go BACKWARDS bc I jumped into things very quickly.

So, I'm REALLY sorry If I offended any of you who I love and care about. It was not my intention at all.


  1. Don't let the haters bring you down! I love you and I miss you girl! :)

  2. I just read your last post. How lame someone would criticize it. I never understood why people leave nasty comments on blogs, especially if they come back more than once to do it. Seriously, move it along to another part of the internet if you don't like what someone is staying.

    I see enthusiasm and a healthy amount of confidence. Don't let someone else's envy bring you down.

  3. Dear Anonymous,

    When we read someone's blog it is because we want to hear what THEY have to say. When we continue to go back to that blog, it is because we are inspired, motivated, and learning from the blogger.
    You, Miss anonymous are making a conscience effort to visit Nicole's blog in an attempt to scrutinize her words, and take cheap jabs at her successes.
    I am Nicole's friend, and I love her. As friends we have not always agreed on everything, and at times have told each other we are out of line. See that's what friends DO-they tell each other what they think, constructive criticism is what it is known as.

    You, Miss Anonymous are very quick to put out your opinions of Nicole without giving her the chance to give feedback on your life, your writing style, your feelings. This is why you are a coward, and no one reading your comments will ever take you seriously.

    To Nicole, I value your blog and your direct honesty. You are not afraid to put your weaknesses out where the world can see. This takes courage, so many of us including myself tend to paint a picture of ourselves and our lives with only rose colored lenses. You are not afraid to write how you really feel.
    This is coming from someone who knows that you truly are a NEW runner, in terms of mileage and years compared to other's at YOUR level, and you are doing a phenomenal job listening to your body, and reaching new running heights. I am so proud of your dedication. Don't let small people who hide behind small comments get you down. You are doing it. Don't stop for anyone! XOXO

  4. Oh, and if you use a commenting plug-in tool like Disqus you can see the IP addresses of your commenters.

  5. Amen Valerie! Well said. We love you and PRAISE you right along with yourself AS YOU SHOULD Nicole! Dont you dare change a thing, most all of us love watching your journey and look forward to watching you succeed and hit each goal! XOXOXO

  6. ah I am so sorry you have to deal with this. I just wrote about these nasty people on my blog this week. makes me sad and also mad that some bloggers have to deal with all this negativity

    move on..life is too short...
    I love your header picture!

  7. Hi there! I am new to your blog (I discovered it through Amanda's and Raina's) but first off let me say- You are doing awesome! I know firsthand how hard it is physically AND mentally trying to come back after a stress fracture. I love your blog and all your professional pics! (You look like you should be on the be on the cover of Runner's World. Seriously!

    Anyway, your post title caught my attention. I had an "Anonymous" reader making weird comments on my blog a few months ago. I think I went to high school with whoever it was but I don't know for sure. I just started ignoring them and they stopped. I like how you dealt with "Anonymous" and didn't back down.

    I have been running for years but then I took several years off and have just got back into the past 2 years. Since January I have had a baby, followed by a stress fracture so I know all about trying to come back safely and base building- the RIGHT way.

    I wish you the best in all your training!

  8. Ladies, thank you VERY much for your love and support. it means A lot to me. xxx

  9. Hey, feel bad for people you know and might accuse of writing the comments you don't like. We do not know each other, and for various I chose not to expose myself on internet. I read your blog because you are an excellent runner and because you have a very very complex personality. While you and your loyal readers might prefer more comments from the same perspective of constant praise, I comment when I want to point out something that I feel it is worth pointing out. I noticed you like to highlight the fact how you just started running. Well, depends what are your criteria. Of course you are not an experienced runner with million of miles and years and years training with a couch, but you are also not an inexperienced runner who just started a couple of months ago. Being off training because of injuries is part of a runner's life. Why do you have to write next to the time from Best Damn Run 10K that this time was achieved 8 wks back from injury? Why don't you write down also the temperatures and elevation and menstruation data, that is also relevant and could make your achievement look even more fantastic?! Because, you see, this is what it seems you are looking for.
    So, thanks for responding, and good luck with everything.

  10. Pretty sure that the anon that posted on your blog was the same person who left a mean comment on my marathon PR post on Monday. This person is a coward. You weren't bragging at all. Keep on keeping on and ignore mean ignorant people.

  11. Dorothy...Yes it sounds just like her. just read your post.


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