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Saturday, September 3, 2011

week 5 recap: 40 miles! woot woot!

I did it! I ran 40 miles this week:) I ran everyday and felt great.....

well that's not entirely true...mentally I felt GREAT, physically a bit tired but that is to be expected when starting over I guess.
My goal was 36 miles
actual miles 40.
I really like how Britt does her recaps ..it is fun for me to read about what others are doing and experiencing, so I am going to follow suit.

Monday: 6.16 miles 7:42 pace
After my 7:45 pace for the hood to coast leg my legs were still a bit tired but I ran this good...had a big hill but was a great run overall. was lightly misting which actually felt fabulous:)

Tuesday: 8 miles 8:04 pace
Ran with Stephanie from Soggy Runner Girl. We met at the waterfront..such a beautiful run and so nice to meet with someone. makes my miles go by so fast!!
legs suddenly felt deadly tired the last mile. we always progressively get faster so i was dead by the end.

Wednesday: 6 miles 8:00 pace.
Ran this around the golf course on soft surface while my neice and daughter walked and played. Great run and went by fast!

Thursday: 4 miles 8:31 pace
Was feeling really tired and when I did the math knowing I was going to run with Stephanie the next 2 days and I didn't want to end up over 40 miles this week..I used this as  an easy recovery run and cut my  miles down to only 4. felt smart for doing this since I am always running a bit faster when with Steph:)

Friday: 8.28 miles 8:17 pace
Ran with Stephanie down town again. Had to be early as I had a wedding at 10. I could feel the miles catching up with me. My body is still in shock I think....especially since i had only run 10 miles last week. This run was  a bit slower...again tired legs the last mile.

Saturday: 7.5 miles 7:59 pace
Got up early....SO hard to get up this morning at 5:30am....but then remembered a FABULOUS dream I had about my friend Helen last night. She is running the womens Eugene half tomorrow and is hoping to PR on her recent 1:18:15. I dreamt she ran the sub 1:15 that is needed to qualify for the olympic trials in the marathon and it was the happiest dream! sort of strange and not sure WHY I had the dream but I was so genuinely excited for her. She is 31 and has just been reaching these amazing goals the last 2 yrs. It has inspired me and quite honestly is what got me out of bed this morning and stopped me from texting Stephanie to tell her I was going back to sleep:)

Had a great chat with Amanda today about fall training and meeting together for long runs and speed workouts. I love that girl and all her stinkin' enthusiasm! she is a JOY to be around. I am so blessed to have met these 2 ladies who are SO close by that I can run with. I have been on a quest for a regular running partner who runs my pace for OVER 2yrs....so thankful to have finally found some peeps!!

Hope everyone has a great long weekend!!

How is your training going? what races do you have coming up??


  1. SHeesh! Your easy paces are so FAST?! What happened to the injured girl? :)

    Great mileage week, Nicole! I like the recaps too, but am a bit lazy most of the time and just put it all in my online log (since I hate to re-type it).

    So- I am seriously thinking I will switch gears to the half you mentioned, but are Stephanie and Helen running it too? LOL...yikes.

    Yep! That stuff is in the Garmin training center (workouts). I make a workout and send it to my watch. I don't have a track within 25 miles. :)

  2. Dang girl you are doing AMAZING!!! Such strong paces, especially coming off injury! Wowzers this is great to read and it has made my day!!!

    Man your friend Helen is super fast and quite an inspiration, I think that would force me to drag my butt out of bed too! I hope she gets that 1:15. Have a great rest of the holiday weekend, and I'll text you tomorrow after I cross the finish hopefully with some good news.

  3. Slow paces??? These are not slow paces like you said you were running this week! ha! :) And I think I sounded so enthusiastic because I might have had a beer or two when I was talking to you...ha ha! :) Seriously, it would be nice to get a track workout in here and there if time allowed. Great job on the miles this week. I wish I had some motivation to run more right now.

  4. Way to exceed your goal miles!!! Sounds like you had a great week and your speed is already coming back so quick! I am so happy for you :D

  5. Nice week Nicole!!! You are cruisin' back in style and today you ran a fabulous 10K which you better feel AWESOME about. Love seeing your workouts laid out like this! Dang Helen is SMOKIN' fast!!!

    No races on tap for me but the marathon in 4 weeks. Then FINALLY a break before Boston training:)

  6. thanks Ladies!!! Jenn....I feel "okay" about the 10k this morning....I wasn't even planning to run it til about mile 3 so I know I can run it faster but it's just frustrating knowing I won't even get close to the 42:30 I ran a few months ago. the Lord is REALLY trying to teach me patience!!;) can't WAIT for your marathon!!!

  7. p.s how do I know if anyone of you even know when I post a comment back to you on here? I am so lost with some of this blogger stuff!


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