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Week 7 Recap: 43 miles

Well here's how last week went. sorry I have not been on here all week. I am so behind.
feeling great though and excited about my 10K this saturday. will write about that later this week!

(why is this all underlined? lol)

Week 7 recap:

Monday: 10 miles 8:02 pace
I ran this alone. goal was 8 miles but then I figured since I had the time and the girls were at school I might as well do 10. I ran about 8:25 pace til mile 8 and then decided to see waht I could do the last 2 miles and pushed hard.
Mile 9 was 7:12 and mile 10 was 6:45! felt GREAT

Tuesday: 6
miles 9:12pace
recovery run

Wednesday: 11 miles 8:17 pace
Nice run with Steph downtown. bit tired. got a burst of energy the last mile......with half mile to go was running 6:30 pace and last quarter mile was 6min pace...FELT SO good to finish a long run like that!

Thursday: 8 miles ) 8:27 pace
Ran Powell Butte with Joel. Hard run for me...LOTS of STEEP trails and hills..was exhausted. was really happy with this pace for a hard hill run.

Friday: 8 miles 8:24 pace
Nice run with Steph downtown. bit tired. had some pain in my foot for a while.

Total miles: 43