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Bad timing!!! ...or maybe not...thoughts?

*Warning: this post is regarding Lovely Aunt Flo....so if  that's gonna be TMI for you, don't read on.*

So...as you all know I have my first Post Injury race tomorrow:) 10K. I'm excited and looking forward to it. Not putting too much pressure on myself but eager to see what my body will do with race adrenaline after 8wks of base miles. HOPING for a good outcome.

Yesterday, however, I felt a sudden crankiness come over me...then stomach cramps.......
and yes, this morning I woke up to my PERIOD! (I am terrible and never track my period. stupid me). GRRRRR....this would explain the massive fatigue I felt yesterday and why I really didn't feel like running faster than 10min miles..and again this morning 3 miles. 9min pace. thats all I had.

NO motivation

So today is day 1...tomorrow is day 2 which is ALWAYS my heaviest......of course this sort of ticks me off b/c
1. I don't have much energy...at least yesterday and this morning
2. I really don't want to worry about blood running down my legs or having to wear a friggin PAD as back up while I run hard for 6miles. JUST NOT COMFORTABLE. So i'm grumpy about it.

I called Amanda to whine about it and SHE SAYS that some of you think that this will actually help me run faster. ... I did a bit of quick reading online this morning before I had to leave to do my daughters bday party and it DID say something about low estrogen and faster running etc.

SO.....tell me what you know? help me feel encouraged that tomorrow won't be a total waste of my time now.....
( I DO remember having experiences in the past where I ran really good during my period...wish I had paid closer attention to that).