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Week 6 recap: another 40 mile week

well that is 2wks in a row at 40 miles. I hope I am not overdoing it. I feel okay so I am going with it. i am trying to be very IN TUNE with my body though and listen to it.
I want to start training so bad, but I also understand and respect the value of putting in a solid 12wks of BASE:)

Week 6 recap:

Monday: 6.2 miles 7:32 pace was at the coast for a mini family vacation. Got up at 6:30am and slipped quietly out of the hotel room:)  at about mile 3.5 I decided  to push a  little to see what kind of 10K time I could get. fastest 6.2 miles I've run so far.

Tuesday: 7.2 miles 8:26 pace
Ran around the golf course here. soft surface. i try to run soft for half my runs to avoid injury.

Wednesday: 8.75 miles 9:20 pace.
Ran in Forest Park with Joel. This run was CRAZY! little tiny trail about 2ft wide, winding up and down and all around. The first 4 miles was great little ups and downs but pretty easy. I was a bit nervous as I notice we were gradually getting more and more DOWN into the forest. Sure enough at mile 5.5 joel says "okay we're going ot have to climb back up now"....crap. yes, over 3 friggin miles of STEEP uphill....I was DYING! at one point he checked my HR and it was in the 170's. HARD run!!!! LOTS of hills!

Thursday: 10 miles (first double digit run!) 8:19 pace
Met Steph downtown.....it was already 9:30am and HOT (in the 70's I think).....by mile 2 I wanted to quit. My legs were SO tired from the run the day before!! I drank over 20oz of water during this run. I FELT like I was running 10min miles so I was shocked to see Stephs Garmin at the end of this run! felt GREAT about a 8:19 pace on TIRED legs!

Friday: 2 miles 10:00 pace
Planned to take friday off but I knew I Wouldn't have time to hit 8 miles on saturday to make my 40 miles b/c of work. so ran a slow easy 2 recovery.

Saturday: 5.8 miles 9:13 pace
Debated jsut skipping this...but the crazy neurotic OCD part of me HAD to hit 40 miles. 

I worked a 12hr day, tucked my kids into bed and at 8pm went to the treadmill in our HOT un-air conditioned gym at the apartment! I think it was 90 degrees in there!! AND I ate a huge Red Robin burger and milk shake before this. I almost tossed my cookies more than once during this run! HA!

This is the picture I texted back to Amanda when she texted me while I was running! 


So the goal for this week is 40-45 miles. 
I wrote a plan for myself like this and we'll see how it goes:
monday-8 miles
tuesday-7 miles
wednesday-8 miles
friday - 8 miles
total: 42