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Boston or Eugene???? need to decide SOON-help!

So....with Boston Registration only a week or two away....I find myself thinking and reflecting on what I should do.
On my first marathon in May I qualified for Boston with a 3:35:43 (not the time I was going for at all, but it was Hot and I got a stress fracture so in hindsight I'm actually happy with it:)....none the less,I did qualify and now I need to decide if I am going to try to register or not?

Options for running my 2nd marathon:
Go to Boston or stay local and Run Eugene



Everyone tells me "if you CAN run Boston, Run Boston!".....so this is always going through my head,
BUT I have to weigh the pro's and con's.

*and first off, yes I understand I MAY NOT even get in....but the people at Boston told me they think it won't fill up til about 2min before the qualifying time. 

1. If we go to Boston, it is going to be expensive!, and I have to find someone to watch my 2 girls for 4 or 5 days. we have no family here and my best friend is moving away in December, so that is challenge #1.

2. I feel like right now I want a FAST marathon time more than I just want the "experience" that Boston offers which makes it a tough choice. Could I enjoy running Boston the way I want to, knowing I won't get my fastest capable time?

I am torn b/c I don't WANT to give up the chance to run Boston-I think there is a novelty about qualifying on your first marathon and being able to go run it as your 2nd!......BUT I know I will qualify again, and I think that maybe it is smart to WAIT for another year when I am willing to run a marathon for FUN and just enjoy the experience.

Right now I think my priorities are about getting in prime shape and banging out some serious PR's for the next few years.

HOWEVER, some of the beautiful wonderful women in my life WILL BE running Boston and I also know how great it would be to share that experience with them:/ sigh....
I also think that if I did Boston a few years from now, we would be able to afford to make it a much better vacation by then....I'm just not sure what to do.

3. IF I run EUGENE It IS a fast course.....it won't cost me money for travel or babysitting, and I will have a much better chance of getting that fast marathon time I'm after.....but that is about the only Pro I can find with it.

It seems to me like Eugene is financially the better choice and time-wise if I decide that that is the  more important to me this spring then it also makes it the better choice......but I know myself and I know NOT trying to get into Boston will drive me crazy.

What would you do??? any thoughts or advice? would I be stupid to give up this chance to run Boston?