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thankful for the small things....10K race approaching

So halfway through week 5 and I am at 24 miles:) I will run another 14-16miles in the next 2 days and get close to 40 miles this week. 
The last few days I have been enjoying running SO much! 

I think part of it is due to the fact that I found a running partner who is willing to get up and meet me downtown at 5:45am a few times a week. Stephanie at Soggy Runner Girl is awesome!
With us both being moms and having busy husbands we LIKE to get up when it's still dark outside to ensure we get our run done and out of the way before the craziness starts:) 

On Tuesday I met her for a beautiful 8 mile run on the waterfront downtown. We get to cross a bridge over the river and watch the sun come up. The sunrise reflects off the beautiful glass high rise buildings and casts a beautiful glow on the river. As we run this route, I feel SO thankful. 

Thankful to have a friend to run with. 
Thankful to currently have 2 working legs to run on.
Thankful I have a passion that brings me joy. 
Thankful for my family. 
Thankful I am ENJOYING this great blessing of running at the moment. 
Thankful...honestly...just for LIFE!

My favorite time to run is EARLY in the morning. There is something extremely special and spiritual about this time of day. I always feel closest to God at this time of day also. To be out in the world before the world is awake...it is still quiet and still and so peaceful to me.

But even on the days I've had to run alone, I have still felt an immense amount of joy. 
Sometimes we can get stuck in a rutt and it's hard to get out the door...we don't really enjoy our runs etc..and I'm sure that will return...but for now I am still in that euphoric phase where I am so happy to be moving again and working my butt off to get back the fitness level I had a few months ago. 

Running with Stephanie a few days a week forces me to hold a pace that is just slightly challenging...our 8 miles at an 8:05 pace the other day was perfect. My legs didn't feel heavy til the last 1.5 miles. Then it is good for me also to take a few recovery days like today when I ran 4 miles at an 8:30 pace. 


I am excited for my 10K in 3wks....eeeek. I know I will not even get CLOSE to PR'ing on my 42:30 but it will be good for me to see where I'm at and feel the burn of pushing my limits. I am hoping I can hold a 7:15 pace for 6.2 by then:):)  I should be up to 50 miles by then and so I will JUST be reaching some good base mileage. I am really curious to see where my abilities are at after 8wks of just base running. Should be interesting:)

well, off to bed...got to be downtown at 6am tomorrow morning:) and then rush home to be BACK downtown for a wedding at 10am:):) I love my life.