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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tempo run and "Best Dam Run" 10K race Preview: This Saturday!!!

Well...here I am 3 days away from My first race POST INJURY:)

I am excited and grateful that I have made good progress the last 8wks. I am a bit nervous that the last 10 days or so I am getting increasing aches and pains in my right leg. The same leg I had the stress fracture in. grrrr. I am wearing a medical grade/ sports compression sleeve that I bought for my LEFT leg where my vericose veins are but am now wearing it on my RIGHT leg b/c I am more concerned about the aches and pains and want to give more support to that leg:)

SO, Dr.John Foland gave me the okay on Monday to do a mini tempo run today as a warm up for the race. He told me 6 miles with the first 3 easy (but progressive) and the last 2-3 at tempo pace or goal race pace (7-7:15ish).
So I headed out this morning around 11:15am and it was already 70 degrees....I was a HOT SWEATY MESS when I got done....

Tempo Run recap:

My first 3 miles were 8:15, 7:45, 8:00..and I felt good...it was a  good relaxed effort the whole time so I was feeling really confident about that....
Mile 4 was 7:16 and honestly felt relatively EASY which I also felt good about...but then by mile 5: 7:15 my legs were TIRED......I pushed hard and ran mile 6 in 6:50...but I was spent and it was all the effort I could muster. 
I probably shouldn't have pushed so hard but there is something within me that once I get out there will NOT let me give anything less than 100%....which can cause serious problems ( and lead to stress fractures people) from running all your 18-20 milers at sub 7:30 pace. sigh....I get so mad at myself!!!

Anyway, I think I feel LESS confident about my 10K on saturday after todays run b/c those 3 miles at  an average of about 7:10 pace was HARD!! how am I going to run 6 miles at that average?


Lucky for me I have the Beautiful Amanda from Runninghood who will be running this for fun with me on saturday. I know I won't get to run with her for more than a mile before she takes off but it will just be nice to know she's there and I know she will hug me at the end of the race regardless if I do great or I flop.
So..thinking of all this, I decided that I really want to run this race for FUN!!

Here is the elevation map. I ran this race 2yrs ago and do not remember it feeling like it was downhill at ALL! I was also not in very good shape so maybe it just felt hard b/c of that. I am REALLY curious to see how it feels to me this time. The Race director said the elevation is "overstated" here...what does that mean?
anyway..a 250 ft drop over 6 miles is really not that much anyway...and that hill at mile 5...I had to walk part of it 2yrs ago lol. Goal this year...Do NOT walk that dam HILL!!


-have FUN and enjoy it! don't feel like death upon finishing

-run it progressively! Lately I have loved finishing off runs with a last fast mile...I hope I can do that in this race...there is one hill at the beginning of the last mile though so that might slow me down but at least EFFORT wise, I hope it can be my best mile:)

-goal I would LIKE to attain is sub 45min but we'll see. 

-use this race merely as a BENCHMARK to see where I'm at after 8 weeks of base running after 2.5 mos off.

-have fun and enjoy running a race with a great new FRIEND!!

-use this race as a CELEBRATION of the last 8wks of running!!! I think this one is most important to me right now.

*all in all, I think I am going to be able to enjoy this day! I always put too much pressure on myself but I think the fact that I have only been back running for 8wks allows me to give myself a little break so that is good.
more than anything I want to look at this race, REGARDLESS of my results and remember it as FUN! ...and happy! I need to remember to just be GRATEFUL that I can run:) This will be my FIRST ever race where I don't PR....so I am just preparing my mind for that:)


  1. Great goals!! My goals are very similar. All about having fun with it. I don't plan on going for a PR. I just want to be strong and if that means a 7 average or a 7:30 average...whatever...I just want to have fun and get a good workout. :) It will be great seeing you! I plan to run that first mile slower so I'm hoping to keep it at or a bit after 7:00. my mistake is always going out too fast and that would be no good right now considering my base is pretty lousy in the endurance aspect. I don't really think of this as a race...more of just a chance to get my running legs moving. Love this post!

  2. I'm so excited for you!! I hope you have an awesome time and that you feel great for the full race!

    BTW, I love love LOVE your blog header! You look so strong and fabulous!

  3. Looks like a beautiful point-to-point course!! I am pretty sure looking at your 6 mile tempo that sub 45 in a race should be a GIVEN.
    You are getting STRONG girl!!

    Have a great time! Can't wait to see how you do :)

  4. Great goals and I know how hard it is to not go all out for a race. Just be easy on yourself. I think using it for a benchmark is a great idea. Listen to your body, I will be thinking of you!!

    I think you are amazing and am jealous of who you get to run with, she is pretty amazing too!

  5. Are you kidding girl? You're going to be WAY under 45 minutes based on the workouts you've been doing. I'm excited for you! I hope you can leave the stress at home and really enjoy the race.

    Whew, I like that elevation chart. It looks pretty similar to the 5k I ran a couple weeks ago. Combined with all that race-day adrenaline....you'll be flying.

    BTW, love the new picture in your header. You look fierce.

  6. Enjoy the 10K. Your race plan is my favorite way to run - Always feels better to finish strong than fade away.

    Concerning your injury, not that you have not already but have you studied your biomechanics like cadence and foot strike? Perhaps your cadence could be low and upping it to 180 could result in less stress on your legs. Of course this is pure speculation as I know little of your injury.

    I always wax analytic after hurting myself to determine the root cause, more so if it is a repeat. Perfecting stride is a lifetime pursuit we can all continually work on.

  7. Steady pursuit....could you email me with more on this? I know little about Cadence...does this mean I increase my foot turn over? doesn't that just result in more speed?
    I do have issues with this leg. it's my right and my hip is a bit rotated out so My right foot sticks out a bit instead of facing straight. I also land on the outsides of my feet and don't roll in much...sort of bull legged lol. help! thanks!!

  8. okay...reading up on all this...very interesting. I have changed my stride over the last 2 mos from being a heel striker to a mid foot lander. looks like now i need to speed up my foot turnover....when i run with my friend stephanie she takes like 4 steps for every 2 of mine and we always joke about it. I thought it was just b/c my legs were longer but guess not....p.s she's way faster than me:)

  9. Hey girl! I've read this like 4 times and in timely fashion I'm finally making it over to comment! I'm a horrible blogger these days!

    First of all, I sure hope your leg is feeling good! That 6 mile was a GREAT run!! I don't know much about how you race but 5K/10K pace generally seems MUCH easier to me in a race than in training. A 6:50 at the end of 6 is FANTASTIC for a training run for where you're at right now!!

    OK-love your goals. I struggle when people throw numbers at me sometimes so I won't pressure you but ability wise, I think sub 45 is really not a question.... I think you could do that even if you DID walk up the dam hill which you won't:)

    Great attitude to get back into racing without loading yourself up with the pressure of a PR. Competitive minds often focus on the numbers even if they don't want to and it's hard sometimes to just focus on the effort...I'm SO hoping this for you! Hoping you cross that finish line feeling REALLY stinkin' proud of yourself and happy with where you are at this point!!!! You deserve that!!! Whatever this race brings you it will be but a memory as far as a number shortly. You are WAY up there on the top of my list of people who I BELIEVE will attain the goals they set for themselves:)

    Have a wonderful time with the girls!! Best of luck to you Nicole. Excited to hear how it goes!


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